Don’t Just Speak, Act

On the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, it is easy to remember the grim fact that abortion is legal in America.

As the pro-abortion crowd praises abortion, they are also scrambling to keep it legal. They know that more and more people are pro-life and the stigma that is associated with abortion is becoming even darker in the public’s eyes.

While the pro-life movement has had a long and bumpy journey, and will continue to face obstacles, we are winning.

roe v wade


“In the early days of the war, the abortion lobby generally considered the pro-life movement to be little more than a nuisance that would be gone in a year or two. Instead, it has survived for more than 40 years against a coalition of forces that would have quickly overwhelmed most other socio-political movements. Today, by the abortion lobby’s own admission, their movement is shrinking, despondent and rapidly aging while ours is growing, energized and getting younger.” – pg. 21 Siege by Mark Crutcher



Thousands of pro-life advocates gather in Washington D.C. every year to March for Life. And, across the country, thousands speak up on the anniversary when abortion became legal in America.

But the fight against abortion is an everyday battle.



So while it is important to gather together to speak up, it is even more important that we ACT on a daily basis.

“President Reagan once accurately defined the pro-life movement as ‘the nation’s conscience’ on the abortion issue. The problem is, when people want to do something they know is evil, or stand around and do nothing while others commit evil, their conscience becomes their enemy.” pg. 152 Siege

Saving every child from abortion, which is our goal, may seem like a monumental task- but it is possible.

Every person that is pro-life needs to do something to save babies.


Many are often overwhelmed or don’t know where to start. This is a great resource to help you Get Involved There are many ways that you can save babies. The pro-life movement is filled with all kinds of people with different talents and skills. The important thing is that you use those talents and skills to help save lives and put an end to abortion!


“So while it is undeniably true that we have not yet accomplished our mission, it is also true that we have set the stage for victory. Now it is time to start closing the ring.” – pg. 46  Siege


its time to stop abortion


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