Looking at Truth Through Innocent Eyes

What would the world look like if we saw things from a child’s perspective, from a point of innocence which hasn’t been drastically corrupted by the world?

Written By: Sheila Crutcher
Life Dynamics Staff

What would the world look like if we saw things from a child’s perspective, from a point of innocence which hasn’t been drastically corrupted by the world?

There is no way to truly know what it would look like, but it would be a lot more truthful. The phrase, “out of the mouths of babes” comes to mind, especially when it comes to the abortion issue.

Life Dynamics recently attended a pro-life festival, where we, along with other people, had tables set up. The table next to us had life size models of unborn babies in different stages of development. The models are popular among pro-lifers, to help show people what the unborn look like. There were lots of children at the event and they would instantly be drawn in and delighted when they saw the models. They were fully aware of what the models represented and only saw them for what they were – babies. Seeing the delight on their faces instantly made you smile.

They were seeing the truth through innocent eyes. Eyes that haven’t been corrupted by the world and bought into Planned Parenthood’s and the abortion lobby’s marketing campaigns. The children saw the humanity that the models represented. They knew, without a doubt, that the unborn are living human beings – something that is backed by science and medical technology. Try convincing those children that the unborn are simply globs of tissue or cells; even with their active imaginations, it wouldn’t work.

Why is it that little children can see the irrefutable truth and delight in babies, while many adults refuse to do so?

Do we honestly think that there are thousands and thousands of adults that don’t know the unborn are living human beings? Did that many fail biology class or do they not know basic information that is pertinent to the whole human race? Or, maybe they just choose to deceive themselves because they can’t face the reality of what “choice” really is.

Posted July 18, 2019 by @life_dynamics_incorporated

Just like during the Jewish Holocaust and during slavery, whenever someone wants to persecute a group of people, they first try to take away their humanity.

The abortion lobby has done a great job, with all of their lies and marketing, to try to take away the humanity of the unborn. With the help of the media, Hollywood and academia, they have declared to the world that abortion is okay, that fetuses are just cells or tissue, that don’t have a right to life. While many people use the same rhetoric, which comes straight from the abortion lobby’s lies, the stigma of abortion still hangs in the air. The stigma is there because deep down, most people know the truth. They know what children naturally know, that the unborn are living human beings. If the world openly declared what comes out of the mouths of babes when it comes to abortion, there would be no tip-toeing around the issue. Instead of treading in a culture of death, we would be professing life.

Even though times are difficult right now and the world seems to be getting darker, let’s follow the example of the children. Let’s keep declaring the unborn for what they really are. Let’s celebrate and delight in life. We must keep on fighting for them, so they too, can appreciate the gift of life.

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