Episode 22: Adoption- The Real Story
Episode Synopsis:

This week we are talking about adoption. We discuss the lies and myths about adoption touted by abortion supporters, the uncomfortable truth that adoption isn’t the solution to abortion (and why), and Mark’s solution to the “unwanted baby” problem the pro-choice side is always talking about. This week’s special guest is none other than Mark’s adopted daughter, Sheila, who shares her story.

Episode Duration: 36 min

Special Guest: Sheila Crutcher

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings and Introduction of our special guest (00:25)
  2. Reason for this week’s show (02:32)
  3. Let’s clear up a few lies / myths about adoption (3:00)
  4. Addressing the pro-choice argument, “who is going to adopt all these babies if abortion is outlawed,” and the outrageous costs and requirements for adoption (3:02)
  5. Abortion and the foster care myth (8:02)
  6. Abortion vs the adoption of disabled babies (13:02)
  7. Gene Stallings’s story (16:24)
  8. Sheila’s story (17:56)
  9. Why adoption isn’t the solution to abortion (23:35)
  10. Mark’s solution to the “unwanted babies” issue (25:34)
  11. Why pro-Choice people shouldn’t be able to adopt (28:17)
  12. Final thoughts (31:18)
  13. Closing Statements (35:23)
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