Episode 21: Going Postal Over The 2020 Elections
Episode Synopsis:

Right now, the country is “going postal” over the possibility of mail-in voting, potential voting fraud and ballot harvesting, and the state of the US Postal Service. We discuss everything from the serious to the hilarious in the debate over the USPS and the elections. Plus, we discuss how the abortion industry appears to be using COVID to push chemical abortions and why.

Episode Duration: 24 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:25)
  2. The Left’s goal of turning Planned Parenthood into a government agency (01:11)
  3. The abortion industry’s push for chemical abortions (4:45)
  4. The abortion industry encouraging patients to get free sonograms from Pregnancy Resource Centers (Crisis Pregnancy Centers) for their chemical abortions (5:51)
  5. Is Planned Parenthood starting their own pharmaceutical company? (7:15)
  6. The audacity of relegating the health care of poor women to abortionists (8:16)
  7. The fight over mail in voting (11:03)
  8. US Postal Service Woes (15:41)
  9. The collection of Blue Boxes (19:40)
  10. AOC’s Idea to save the Postal Service (23:20)
  11. The very real danger of Ballot Harvesting (24:17)
  12. Closing Statements (28:16)
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