Episode 116 | America’s View Of The Unborn Is Our Core Issue

The abortion lobby likes to portray the abortion industry and its workers as respectable medical professionals who are the champions of women. But as this episode shows, this is far from the truth. From deplorable clinic conditions to the industry’s sketchy characters, this episode reveals that abortion is the red-light district of medicine.

Episode Synopsis:

A listener question on partial birth abortion, Jennifer Lawrence’s latest Vogue Article on her family estrangement and thoughts on the repeal of Roe, and how we question politicians about the abortion issue are three seemly unconnected topics. But as we prove in this episode, it all boils down to America’s core issue – how we view the unborn child. Think it sounds crazy? Listen and find out why…

Episode Duration: 26 min

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In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:23)
  2. Jennifer Lawrence Talks Politics & Roe v Wade In Vogue Article (00:32)
  3. Listener Question from Alex T. (10:46)
  4. Asking politicians the right questions (18:43)
  5. It’s all connected (23:23)
  6. Final Thoughts (26:06)

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