Episode 40 | How The Feminist Movement Was Hijacked By Abortion Advocates
Episode Synopsis:

Who did legalized abortion really free and why do women not identify as feminists? These are two questions we answer as we discuss the two different waves of feminism and how the Feminist movement was hijacked by abortion advocates.

Episode Duration: 25 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:24)
  2. Remembering Joe Scheidler (00:38)
  3. Why a number of women don’t identify as feminists (2:35)
  4. The two waves of feminism (3:09)
  5. How the Feminist Movement was hijacked (5:07)
  6. The shift from arguing for equality to interchangeability (8:53)
  7. Propaganda from Cosmopolitan Magazine (13:43)
  8. “The Double Standard” (15:41)
  9. Why male patterns of behavior has been pushed (17:14)
  10. Closing Statements (23:51)
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