Episode 154 | Britney Spears Abortion Revelation Causes Discussions About Uncomfortable Abortion Truths

For the last week, countless articles and videos have emerged discussing Britney Spears’ secret abortion. We discuss the facts and details the media – and the abortion lobby – hopes goes unnoticed, as well as their surprising admission that men benefit from legalized abortion. Perhaps the most tone deaf question they are now asking is, “where are all the pro-choice men?”

Episode 143 | Planned Parenthood’s War Against Independent Abortion Clinics

In our stings and investigations into the abortion industry, we long ago discovered that Planned Parenthood has been trying squeeze out the independent abortion clinics to become America’s exclusive provider of abortions. While this has been an open secret within the abortion industry, insiders have been dedicated about not airing their dirty laundry. But it now appears that the battle between Planned Parenthood and the independents has become so heated that all their reservations have gone out the window. We discuss all that is coming out in the media – including how an independent clinic in New York is suing Planned Parenthood!


Powerful Pro-Life Videos Follow Life Dynamics on YouTube & Rumble NEW! “Abortion Distortion” – A New Animated Series From Life Dynamics! In the past, the rhetorical battle between us and the pro-choice side has generally been one where they attack our position and we defend it. But now it’s time we turn the tables and…