The Freedom To Choose Delusion

One of the most profound choices we make is choosing what we believe and don’t believe. And as a result, since the beginning of time there have been deniers – people who do all sorts of mental gymnastics to deny the truth.

A common thing the pro-choice side throws at us is that we are denying women their freedom of choice.

Of course, any logical person can see that we are doing no such thing. There are many choices that women are free to make. There are also actions that, as a society, we have decided to make illegal because of the harm those actions cause. But that doesn’t prohibit anyone from making the choice to do those things. That’s why we have a criminal justice system. We are also not immune to the consequences of the choices we make. The reality is that there isn’t anything intrinsically noble about “choice.” Not all choices are equal – some we make can hurt others or be the ones we regret the rest of our lives.

One of the most profound choices we make is choosing what we believe and don’t believe.

And as a result, since the beginning of time there have been deniers – people who do all sorts of mental gymnastics to deny the truth. There have been many different brands of “deniers.” I’m sure the moment you read the word “deniers,” a certain mental image came to your mind. For those of us who fight for the unborn, abortion deniers are a constant source of frustration and bewilderment.

This week, the discussion of the sale of aborted baby body parts has been coming up again.

And with that comes the wave of comments that the sale of aborted baby parts is a lie. When Life Dynamics first exposed this in 2000, we didn’t just reveal that it was happening, we provided the documentation to prove it. Although other organizations are well known to be involved in the wholesaling of baby parts, we focused on just two companies. We provided the names of the operators, as well as the names and addresses of the companies.

"Dissect out entire lung & trachea, whenever possible, from fetal cadaver." Shipping Note: "Don't leave on dock." - From an order from for aborted baby parts obtained during an investigation by Life Dynamics.

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Additionally, we provided advertising documents, parts and price lists, procurement protocols, tissue logs, order forms and shipping orders for the parts harvested, sold, and shipped to very identifiable places such as universities, pharmaceutical companies, and even governmental health agencies. There was clearly enough verifiable information for 20/20 to do a television special on this issue – with an undercover interview with the founder of one of those companies.

Clip of the interview in the 20/20 special

If we had fabricated this story, or if our documentation had been inaccurate or manufactured, within hours of going public with it our parking lot would have been swarming with lawyers and process servers. The only thing that kept them from burying us in an avalanche of litigation, is the fact that in any libel, slander or defamation lawsuit, truth is an absolute defense. And every person, corporation and organization we named knew that our information was accurate. To this day, not one of them has even so much as threatened us with litigation.

Furthermore, David Daleiden and the Center For Medical Progress went undercover and followed up on our investigation and got conversations with industry insiders about wholesaling of baby parts. And again, the media and abortion supporters took to social media claiming that these videos and the sale of baby parts was a fabrication. They insisted that the very same industry that makes its money from killing babies, couldn’t possibly be capitalizing on their dead bodies.

And they are perfectly welcome to choose to indulge such a delusion.

But they should remember that the first Holocaust deniers were, in fact, actual Nazis and Nazi supporters. And when legalized abortion is over and written about in the history books, future generations are likely to look at them with the same disdain.

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