The Scorched Earth Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Of Brett Kavanaugh Allegations

The hearings over the Kavanaugh allegations were scorched earth from the opening bell, with no presumption of innocence nor a nod to basic human decency.

Without a doubt, since the election of Donald Trump for President, there has been a lot of division in the politics of the United States.

The latest round has been brought about by Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings to the Supreme Court, amplified by allegations of sexual assault and rape. This was a topic discussed at length in this week’s episode of Life Talk.

From the moment that Trump announced Kavanaugh as his pick, the Democrats and abortion advocates have been crying foul because of their fear of what he would do to abortion “rights.”  During the hearing, where both Kavanaugh and his accuser presented their testimony, it was markedly apparent that this whole thing was a smear campaign to keep Kavanaugh from getting the seat.  The Democrats, time and time again, have denied this – but their own words and actions prove they have been against Kavanaugh from day one.  The hearings were scorched earth from the opening bell, with no presumption of innocence and not even a nod to basic human decency.

As we point out in the show, what this whole thing comes down to is abortion. 

The baby-killing-lobby wants to kill, steal, and destroy … and with their allies in the Democrat Party, they will do whatever it takes to make sure this genocide continues.

I guess in the final analysis, you really can’t expect much more than that from these kinds of people.

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