Big Changes Coming To Our Pro-Life Show, Life Talk!

Life Dynamics kicked off the new year by announcing big changes to its pro-life talk show, Life Talk.

Life Dynamics kicked off the new year by announcing big changes to its pro-life talk show, Life Talk.

Life Talk has been tackling the tough issues related to abortion since 1999, making it America’s longest running pro-life TV talk show.

But the creators of the show know that with time comes change. Life Talk has made many changes throughout the years due to the groundbreaking changes in technology and the way we get our news.

Starting in 2014, Life Dynamics made the show available to watch online each month for free. The show is released at and on YouTube  so that fans can be notified when a new episode is released –  and can watch them on the go with their mobile devices.

With this platform viewers can now watch the show using the YouTube app on a growing list of streaming devices such as: smart tvs, blu ray players, Roku devices, and more.

The Life Talk YouTube Channel

Life Dynamics president and Life Talk host, Mark Crutcher, understands that change is necessary as the demographics of the pro-life movement changes as well.  Crutcher, states that the new changes are having a powerful effect on the show. He adds, “currently we are producing the best shows we have ever done.”

He continues by saying, “we are confident that the changes we are making will continue to serve the audience we have created since our first broadcast in 1999, while bringing in the new audience of younger people just coming into the pro-life movement.”

Also included in the changes to Life Talk are some different faces.

In the video update, Mark announces that the show will sadly be losing co-hosts Melissa Conway and Elizabeth McClung of Texas Right to Life. According to Crutcher, they have now been asked to become more involved with the legislative efforts in Texas and they won’t have the time to commit to the show.

Those who enjoyed getting their perspective on the show will be happy to know that Crutcher expects them to be back in the future from time to time as guests.

Pastor Stephen Broden is the new Life Talk co-host
Pastor Stephen Broden

Taking their place will be a familiar face to Life Talk viewers and fans of the Maafa 21 documentary.

Life Talk is excited to welcome Pastor Stephen Broden back to the show. Crutcher shares that Life Talk is, “truly blessed to have someone of his quality who is willing to take on this responsibility.” He adds that he believes that viewers will feel the same way.

In addition to the many changes made over the years, Life Dynamics has recently been experimenting with a few different formats. In a new video that can be seen on the Life Talk and the Life Dynamics YouTube channels, Mark announces their final decision on the best way to bring viewers timely and engaging pro-life news and discussions.


Watch the message from Mark to hear about the upcoming changes: