New Pro-Life Animation Video Series Tackles The Hard Pro-Abortion Talking Points

Life Dynamics, the pro-life organization that produced the ground-breaking documentary, “Maafa 21,” releases a new animation series, titled “Abortion Distortion,” to help the pro-life movement debunk common pro-choice arguments.


How do we get people engaged in answering the hard pro-abortion talking points?

That was the question that founder and president of Life Dynamics, Mark Crutcher wondered. Crutcher’s solution was a series of short, animated videos, titled “Abortion Distortion,” that touches on a variety of subjects surrounding the abortion issue.

Around a minute in length, the videos are a great tool for every pro-lifer, no matter the age group. The animations, at times comical, grabs the viewers attention while a “no-nonsense pro-lifer” guides viewers through the issues.

The late pro-life leader, Crutcher, spent his final days working on this series.

He believed that, not only was information key in the battle against abortion, but that this information could help all pro-lifers when it was presented in short and entertaining videos. It was his hope that pro-lifers would take this series, learn from it, craft their pro-life responses and share it with others.

The pro-life organization, Life Dynamics, has been known for its undercover stings and groundbreaking research into the abortion industry.

These investigations, which can be found at, have caused waves not just within the pro-life movement, but in politics and policy as well. Life Dynamics is also known for the trailblazing documentary, “Maafa 21,” which proved to the world that the reason behind the legalization of abortion in America is black genocide. Now, the “Abortion Distortion” series will be a timeless tool in the abortion battle ahead.

The “Abortion Distortion” series can be found on the Life Dynamics website, under the “videos” section of the website. Currently, there are a handful available, with more to be released weekly.

Abortion Distortion:

Exposing the illogical, deceptive and immoral nature of the pro-choice position.

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