Abortionist with sordid history ‘not practicing’ pending investigation

An Oklahoma abortionist is currently not practicing medicine pending an investigation by the medical board. Weeks ago, Life Dynamics reported the arrest of Nareshkumar Patel, an Oklahoma City abortion doctor with a sordid history of sexual abuse and fraud. In early December, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt charged the 62-year-old abortionist with three counts of…

Pro-life group calls for criminal investigation of abortion doctor

Life Dynamics, Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas is calling for a criminal investigation into the actions of an abortion doctor who flagrantly violated Florida state law. When abortionist Michael J. Benjamin performed a late term abortion on a 12-year-old rape victim at his clinic in Tamarac, Florida, he not only failed…

Child Predator Tapes: Utah

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Episode 162 | Disturbing News Shows The Consequences Of Legalized Abortion

Headlines this week show the horrifying reality of legalized abortion. This week on the podcast, we discuss everything from yet another woman being unknowingly slipped abortion drugs, to new revelations in the harvesting and sale of aborted baby parts, to the politics that is biasing and censoring the truth about abortion in research – all in one jaw dropping episode!