Counting Down To The New Year

In mere hours, the infamous 2020 will be upon us. People around the world are listing their New Years resolutions – like eating more broccoli, getting fit, going to church more, and the list goes on. We at Life Dynamics have just one: to end the slaughter of the unborn in the womb. As we…

In mere hours, the infamous 2020 will be upon us. People around the world are listing their New Years resolutions – like eating more broccoli, getting fit, going to church more, and the list goes on.

We at Life Dynamics have just one: to end the slaughter of the unborn in the womb.

As we wrote in our previous post, abortion is a vile injustice and the personification of evil. We are now at the point where abortion has literally become a sacrament for godless secularists, and women are told to “celebrate” their abortions. The left has now dispensed with pretense and freely admits that they believe in being able to kill babies all the way up to the very moment they’re being born.

But the new year isn’t just a time of looking forward, it’s a time of looking back as well.

2019 has been an important year, not just for the pro-life movement as a whole, but for Life Dynamics as well.

So in the spirit of that, here is a (brief) look at what we have accomplished this year.
  • We released a report showing that abortion providers have been sexually assaulting and raping their clients for years! In fact, a few of the abortionists listed in the report are still working! We also contacted #MeToo, as well as more than 50 of their political supporters – and yet they remain silent on this issue.
  • We took this project to the next level and interviewed a victim, Janet Creller, a woman who was sexually assaulted inside one of America’s “safe and legal” abortion clinics. This interview is available to watch here.

I know that I’m talking…telling him to stop that, this doesn’t seem right, what are you doing. Because of the sleep I’m being put under I couldn’t articulate it as well as I wanted to. And so I felt myself slowly drifting off to sleep – at the same time saying ‘stop this, this isn’t right.’”

-Victim of abortionist, Brian Finkel
  • We released a powerful video called, A Message From The Unborn’, that depicts an unborn child’s final moments inside an abortion clinic. The public response we’ve received to this video has been astounding, with the most common reaction from viewers being that they broke down in tears while watching it. What makes this video so important is that it does something the pro-life movement has been struggling to do for years – it humanizes the child in the womb and creates a relationship between the child and the viewer. This video had the pro-abortion worker bees at Facebook so upset that they tried to prevent us from boosting the video. ( And their excuses ranged from the lame to downright laughable.) You can watch the video here.
  • With the primaries for the presidential election heating up, the Democrats were quick to trot out (again) talk about reparations. The main problem is that there seems to be a perception that reparations is nothing more than the act of taking money away from people who never enslaved anyone and giving it to people who were never enslaved. This year, Life Dynamics revealed a reparations plan that provides a much needed change in direction – and would also make the same Democrats who have been pushing for reparations have a meltdown. Why? Because our reparations plan lies in targeting the ultra-wealthy individuals, multi-national corporations, government funded agencies, foundations, institutions and other entities responsible for the post-slavery eugenics effort exposed in Maafa 21.
  • For the first time, we attended the second annual Black Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, put on by Turning Point USA, in order to spread the word about our documentary, Maafa 21. We have seen the seeds of this effort already have an impact on some of the attendees. Because the reality is, when the pro-life movement exposes abortion as an instrument of black genocide, and when we show that this was the real agenda behind the legalization of abortion, all the dynamics of this struggle change.
  • We have produced more episodes of our series, RoeBots, which unravels the lies and lunacy behind pro-choice arguments. This series is helping to educate a new generation of pro-lifers how to confront pro-choice rhetoric, and some of the comments we have seen online prove that this series is making a difference!

I love this ! I haven’t gotten a good rebuttal for that statement until now. Thank you!

-Viewer Comment On Instagram
  • We had the opportunity to attend the largest young conservative conference ever! The Student Action Summit, hosted by Turning Point USA, had an estimated 5,000 attendees from around the country! We met countless young conservatives and introduced them to our many projects and resources. The pro-life sentiment we encountered at this event was powerful and virtually universal. Almost every single person we met was vocally passionate about saving the unborn – including those who were there to represent other causes. In fact, many attendees thanked us for being there and talking about the issue of abortion.
Photos from our booth at the Student Action Summit.
  • We have expanded our efforts to bring the pro-life message (and introduce our resources) to a new generation of young conservatives online. In fact, we have grown to over 1,000 followers on Instagram.
  • And more…

Of course, none of these things would have been possible without you!

While 2020 remains a mystery as to what it will hold, one thing that will remain a constant is how Life Dynamics will continue to drag the abortion industry’s dirty little secrets into the light. That’s how we built our reputation and no one is better equipped for this kind of work than us.

Now, we freely admit that what we do isn’t for everybody – it’s a nasty business. But as the last 27 years have proven, it’s also the single most important work being done in the pro-life movement.

After all, everything the pro-life movement needs to know to defeat the abortion industry is INSIDE the abortion industry.

And going inside the belly of the beast to get that information is what the prayers and financial support of pro-life warriors like you make possible. We also will continue to educate and prepare the next generation of the pro-life movement for the battle ahead. So in the new year, we hope that you will be a part of the Life Dynamics team, and join us in the fight against abortion.

Happy New Year from all of us at Life Dynamics!


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