As we inch closer and closer to God’s wonderful gift of Himself and Christmas, it’s important for us to pause and reflect on why we fight so hard to end abortion.

As we inch closer and closer to God’s wonderful gift of Himself and Christmas, it’s important for us to pause and reflect on why we fight so hard to end abortion.

You may already do this every time you read a news article or see something on TV that makes you hang your head and ask yourself if this fight is worth all the blood, sweat and tears that you’ve poured into it over the years.

“How is it possible,” you ask yourself, “that so many people just don’t see how evil abortion is? How can they condone killing a defenseless child in the womb? And how can they justify trying to force me to not only accept their immorality but to pay for it with my taxes?”

I wish I could answer that for you but I haven’t found the answer myself. But I can help you find the reason why you need to go on fighting for an end to abortion. And I can do so in one word: Justice.


Abortion is the most vile injustice man has ever committed; and that most definitely includes the grave injustice of slavery and every other sin the devil has invented since he tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden.

For all of King Herod’s many sins and failings, at least he waited for Christ to be born before he tried to kill Him. Today’s Herods don’t even do that. They have set out to kill babies in the womb – all the way up to the very moment they’re being born.

That is the personification of evil and an injustice so wicked that it cries out to heaven for vengeance – a vengeance which is most assuredly coming to our country.

So when it comes down to it, you and I fight against abortion because it’s simply unjust and we, as followers of Christ, are called to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” That, my friend, is why you give so much of yourself to the fight against abortion.

The Gift of Life

I’m reminding you of this because it is now during this season of Christmas that each one of us must recognize, in the birth of Jesus, the humanity and dignity and sanctity of the unborn child, and re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of defending and protecting all of Our Lord’s unborn brothers and sisters. They are the very least of His brethren, and whatever we do unto them, we do unto Him.

Think of it this way – God is in heaven and, in order to reveal His tremendous love for us, He creates a new person, a tiny new human life, and sends it to earth. This new child, a reflection of God Himself, is placed in his mother’s womb and begins to grow, from one cell to two, to four, to eight – and so on.

Then one day, the mother realizes something’s happening inside her. For centuries, that amazing moment was usually met with great joy.

“I’m pregnant! There’s a new life growing inside me!”

“I’m pregnant! There’s a new life growing inside me!” She would tell her husband the news and they would embrace and shed tears of happiness. Then they’d tell their parents that they were about to be grandparents. More hugs and tears. And the child and mother would receive the attention and protection they needed to bring this new child safely into the world.

But look at America today.

The devil has poisoned that blissful scene when a mother announces she’s expecting. In many cases, the first question she will be asked is, “What are your plans? Are you going to keep it?” That’s because, today, children do not have intrinsic value. Their value – and therefore their right to life – is subjectively determined based on what they can do for us.

The abortion lobby has masterfully sold the concept that unborn children are the enemies of their mothers.

Satan has convinced people to buy into the world and its empty promises and its unfulfilling materialism. He sent out his secular minions – I read somewhere that someone calls these people “heralds of the culture of death” – to attack large families. Ten children is way too many. It’s unhealthy. It’s unfair to have so many children. Then four children became way too many. The acceptable norm became two children (hopefully a boy and a girl) but no more than two regardless.

And now we have these tree-hugging “climate change” activists proclaiming that to have even one child is immoral and a threat to the planet. “The world is overpopulated and it’s a crime to bring more children onto the earth,” they say. “Think of the ‘carbon footprint’ all these babies will leave on the planet! No one should be allowed to have children.”

We are now at the point where abortion has literally become a sacrament for godless secularists, and women are told to “celebrate” their abortions. Meanwhile, lawmakers in New York cheer and light up city buildings after passing a law that gives hired assassins the legal “right” to kill a defenseless child up to the very moment of birth.

For a moment, I do not want you to think about the tens of millions of babies killed so far, or the thousands more who are killed every day. No one can really wrap their minds around those sort of numbers.

I ask you to picture just one little boy who will lose his life today in some disgusting abortion clinic.

"In the next few minutes, someone is going to call my mom's name and take us to the room where I will be killed..."
Screenshot from the Life Dynamics video, Message From The Unborn. Click here to watch.

Think about this: that little boy was created by God and sent to earth, and the only contact that precious child ever had with another human being was with the mother who rejected him and the Planned Parenthood goon that was hired to kill him. It is a tragedy and a sadness on a scale that is almost unimaginable, but that’s where we are as a nation. It’s where abortion and its apologists have brought us and it defines exactly why you and I do what we do.

It’s also why we will never give up and walk away!

And abortion is not only sad for the babies. In the process of going from celebrating life to celebrating abortion, America has robbed itself of the joy and happiness that each new life brings. Instead, we have radical pro-abortion politicians – the Elizabeth Warrens and Bernie Sanders and AOCs of the world – justifying abortion by telling us it’s an injustice for people to “have so much” when there are millions who have nothing. It’s the standard Marxist lie that socialists tell people when selling their empty utopian plans.

“In the process of going from celebrating life to celebrating abortion, America has robbed itself of the joy and happiness that each new life brings.”

Well, the crime of abortion is a far graver injustice. And we try to rationalize it using the same lame excuse the innkeepers of Bethlehem gave Joseph that first Christmas. Just as there was no room for Him in their inns, there is no room for these children in the richest nation on earth. They come at the “wrong” time, or they are “inconvenient” or they are merely “unplanned.”

So they have to be killed and we don’t really need a reason why … it’s just a choice!

Of course, what you and I know is that only the Author of Life has rightful authority and power over life. He is the Creator of everything that lives. He alone has the right to both give life and to take it away. That’s why killing a child in the womb cries out to God for a vengeance that belongs to Him and Him alone:

“Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly”.

Deuteronomy 32:35

We are called to be the instruments of His will.

Not in a hateful way. That’s not how God operates. Just as He took on our human nature and died for our sins, so He calls us to “take up our cross daily” and “die to ourselves” for the sake of others. In our particular case, the “others” He asks us to die for are the millions of His defenseless unborn children who are being unjustly slaughtered in abortions.

That’s what we’re here to do. It’s the one and only reason for Life Dynamics to exist. Like you, we’re here to give our unborn brothers and sisters the justice they deserve. Period.

People can talk about “choice” and “women’s rights” and “overpopulation” and “carbon footprints” and whatever mindless excuse they can dream up as they desperately try to defend the indefensible. But are any of those false narratives more important than the life of a child?

And at its core, that’s what abortion comes down to.

So this Christmas, I ask you to renew
your commitment to Life Dynamics
and the fight against abortion.

As I have said in the past, we receive a significant part of our entire yearly budget during the Christmas season – and those gifts determine what we can and cannot do in the next year to bring an end to this tragedy.

2019 has been our most challenging year ever in terms of donations. So please be as generous as you can. Without your prayers and financial support, we can do nothing. That’s simply a reality!

As you consider my request, I ask you to remember that, in a few days, there
will be millions of empty high chairs around our nation’s Christmas tables.

They won’t be visible, but they are there nonetheless, and they are empty because the babies who should be sitting in them were killed in abortions. And what I know in my heart is that, if you and I continue to do the Lord’s bidding and work as hard as we can, one day a Christmas will come with fewer empty high chairs around the table.

I’ll close on that note, but not before I wish you and yours a heartfelt Merry Christmas. Each of us here at Life Dynamics pray that God will fill you with His joy and peace in this holy season; and that He will richly bless you and and your family in the coming new year.

-Mark Crutcher

(President of Life Dynamics Incorporated)

Each of us here at Life Dynamics pray that God will fill you with His joy and peace in this holiday season; and that He will richly bless you and your family in the coming new year.

This is probably your last opportunity to make a donation to Life Dynamics and have it count toward your 2019 taxes. Now I know that you don’t partner with us, and help prosper our work, for any selfish reason. You do so because you love God and His babies. Still, since the government allows you to deduct the contributions you send Life Dynamics, you may as well take advantage of it. Just be sure to have your donation to us before the end of the year.

As I never tire of telling you, God does not expect the Life Dynamics family to slay the abortion monster by ourselves. He does, however, ask each one of us to put everything we’ve got into the battle. After all, like I always say at the end of every LifeTalk show, “Life Dynamics is not here to put up a good fight, we’re here to win because winning is how the killing stops.”

But in order for Life Dynamics to be part of that coming victory, we need your continued financial support … and your prayers.

Thanks again and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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