Pro-life group cites 60 babies saved from abortion in 2015

Babies are being saved from abortion and pro-lifers attribute it to a constant presence outside the abortion and Planned Parenthood facilities. Brian Gibson, executive director at Pro-Life Action Ministries, recently cited 60 saves so far in 2015 alone from counselors associated with his organization. “Two more babies saved last Friday! One at Whole Women’s in…

Police harass pro-lifer outside Planned Parenthood says national group

A national pro-life groups claims the D.C. police are harassing a pro-life side walk counselor exposing the truth of abortion outside Planned Parenthood. According to the pro-life group Created Equal, which routinely shows abortion victim imagery, D.C police continue to harass pro-life activist Lauren Handy outside Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington. A video documenting the abuse…

What women need to know before they have an abortion

A brochure that tells women seeking abortion what their rights are is being used by pro-life advocates across the country. The Patient Rights Brochure created by Life Dynamics warns women not to let anyone perform an abortion unless they complete the document and provide the doctor’s name, malpractice insurance information, malpractice history and licensure status….

Saving babies with pro-life abortion animation

Unborn babies are being saved from abortion through the use of pro-life animation. One such tool geared to help explain the abortion procedure and it’s risks is Life Dynamics‘ animation DVD. This tool is a non-graphic animated presentation of the most common first and second trimester abortion procedures, including descriptions of potential injuries and complications….

Man who took wife for abortion says he’s a Christian and his dad is a preacher

A man who drove his wife for an abortion told a pro-life sidewalk counselor that he was a Christian and his dad was a preacher. Allura Lightfoot regularly side-walk counsels outside abortion clinics in Central Florida. She speaks to a variety of people seeking child killing services at the All Women’s Health Center in Orlando,…