Babies saved from abortion over Christmas holiday

We returned to the office after the holidays and came across news that babies were saved over Christmas.

Pro-life Wisconsin Baby Saved Christmas

The first one comes from Pro-life Wisconsin and reads:

The Empty Manger Christmas Caroling event organized by PLW each year gathers pro-life advocates to sing Christmas carols around an empty manger, symbolizing the anticipation of human life growing in the womb, the same vulnerable mode in which Christ entered the world.

One young mother seeking abortion that morning was so moved by the carolers that she chose not to go through with the abortion. Joy was radiating from this young mother after she made the decision to keep her child. She proceeded to go out of her way to tell the carolers how happy and peaceful she was to have chosen life!


Then this report came in from Illinois. For years, the Chicago based Pro-life Action League has held an “Empty Manger” Christmas caroling day outside abortion clinics. They report that while several high school students were sidewalk counseling outside Planned Parenthood a woman told them that she had cancelled her abortion appointment after hearing the caroling! Later the students from the Live Pro-Life group from Christian Liberty Academy in nearby Arlington Heights called to report another baby was saved from abortion.

The group says that pro-lifers went outside a Glen Ellyn abortion clinic when another woman reported she had cancelled her appointment at Planned Parenthood in Aurora.

Christmas Eve awhc 2014

In Florida, pro-life sidewalk counselor, Michele Herzog, sent us news of another save.

Herzog and other committed pro-lifers counsel in front of the All Women’s Heath Center abortion clinic in Orlando.

In her blog, Herzog explains that despite the fact that it was Christmas Eve, she went to the abortion clinic, “It was Christmas Eve and I really did not feel like going out to the abortion mill. I had so much to do, family to visit, last minute gifts to pick up; this really did not fit in,” she writes on her blog.

Unfortunately, shortly after Herzog and the other counselors arrived, a woman disregarded their pleas and walked into the abortion clinic. That is the most discouraging moment for those who regularly stand outside these death chambers.

Fighting the urge to give up Herzog said they remained at the clinic, “We continued to reach out, pray, read scripture and sing Christmas Carols into the waiting room window,” she says.

Thankfully they stayed because seconds later a truck began to leave the abortion mill. Herzog reports that the woman stopped at the driveway to let them know she had changed her mind and was keeping her baby!

Tears were pouring down her face, thanking us for being there for her,” Herzog says, “These were tears of joy, even in the midst of not knowing how things would turn out. All she kept saying was thank you! We hugged her and talked with her exchanging phone numbers; she then left with one of the sidewalk counselors who took her to lunch.”

Life Dynamics is so thankful to know such dedicated pro-life warriors. We know how difficult it is to stand outside abortion clinics day after day. Had it not been for those who sacrificed time with family and friends this week, these babies may not have been spared their horrible death of abortion. Only God knows how many more babies are alive today because of these selfless pro-life counselors.

Help the Cause Life Dynamics pro-life

As we look forward to 2015, lets recommit to praying for the women who seek abortion that they will choose life. Let’s also continue to encourage and support those pro-lifers who tirelessly work on the front lines to reach these women and stand in the gap for the babies being taken for their death. Their commitment may mean the difference between life and death.

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