Pro-life group cites 60 babies saved from abortion in 2015

Babies are being saved from abortion and pro-lifers attribute it to a constant presence outside the abortion and Planned Parenthood facilities.

Brian Gibson, executive director at Pro-Life Action Ministries, recently cited 60 saves so far in 2015 alone from counselors associated with his organization.

Two more babies saved last Friday! One at Whole Women’s in Minneapolis and one at the mega-Planned Parenthood in St. Paul,” Gibson recently posted to his Facebook page.

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And the saves are across the nation.

As they pulled out the driveway, I pleaded with her to take our brochure and to stop and talk…with tears calling down her face she reached for the brochure! I said, “Awe honey, did you change your mind? ” And she said, “Yes, yes I did, thank you so much, I couldn’t go through with it!” , writes Michele Herzog the director of Pro-Life Action Ministries of Central Florida.

PLAM Babies saved abortion

A save from May posted to the group’s website reads:

      Two young girls drove into AWHC. One got out and went inside the mill. The other girl came down and talked with a sidewalk counselor. She accepted PLAM’s literature. The girl asked,

“Are you protesting abortion? I’d like to be out with you someday

      .” The counselor discovered she was the friend of the abortion bound woman who was inside AWHC. The counselor encouraged her to go in and tell her friend there was help. The girl did as the counselor suggested. The counselor asked, “Did you have any luck?” when she returned. “

Yes!” answered the girl. “I’m so glad she changed her mind, that’s great! You are a life-saver!

      ” the counselor told her. Then the other girl came out and the counselor asked her,

“You’ve changed your mind?

      ” “”


    !” she said with a huge smile. The counselor gave her baby booties and some more information. Praise the Lord!

We have documented 60 babies saved in 2015 while another 3 babies reported saved that were not a result of our presence but told to sidewalk counselors as the moms left,” Gibson said.

Since 1981, Pro-life Action Ministries has tracked 3072 babies saved from abortion due to the efforts of their pro-life counselors.

In 2010, Gibson was a guest on Life Dynamics’ pro-life show, Life Talk TV, recounting to viewers an incident where the parents of a minor child who had scheduled an abortion at a local Planned Parenthood were prevented from talking with their daughter.

According to Gibson, even after police were called to the killing center, the parents were prohibited from seeing their child until the abortion was completed and she was released from the center.

Cases like the one Gibson detailed as well as the many saves are reasons why it is important to have a consistent pro-life presence outside abortion clinics.

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To help aid in this effort, Pro-Life Action Ministries is hosting a National Sidewalk Counseling Symposium this month in Chicago, IL.

Speakers at the event include national leaders Joe, Ann and Eric Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League; Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life; David Bereit and Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life; Rev. Walter Hoye, Issues4Life Foundation; Edmund Miller and Alicia Wong, Guadalupe Partners; John Jakubczyk, Esq.; Thomas Brejcha, Esq., Thomas More Society; Brian Westbrook, Coalition for Life St. Louis; and Pro-Life Action Ministries staff: Brian Gibson, Debra Braun, Rev. Brian Walker and Michele Herzog.

PLAM Symposium

The event is open to any pro-lifer interested in sidewalk counseling!

Click here for more details.

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