Episode 137 | Censorship In The War Of Ideas

Episode 137 | Censorship In The War Of Ideas

This week we are talking about what one journalist describes as the ongoing “censorship-industrial complex.” We discuss the fine PayPal hoped would go unnoticed, Google’s new pro-choice AI, Google and Yelps attempts to curb Pregnancy Resource Centers and pro-life groups from popping up in search results & ads – as well as what this means for women. Plus we discuss journalists testifying before congress about how some government agencies and their contractors have been pressuring social media companies to censor Americans. This is an episode everyone needs to hear!

No choice for women who take abortion pill say “pro-choice” advocates

So-called pro-choice on abortion advocates have shown their true colors by opposing abortion pill reversals which allow women the choice to have their babies. Recently, Dr. Matthew Harrison, associate medical director for Abortion Pill Reversal, explained the method behind abortion pill reversals on the pro-life show Life Talk TV. You can watch that interview here….

Abortion lobby does not want women to unchoose their abortion

Should women have the right to unchoose an abortion? Pro-lifers discuss abortion pill reversals and how the abortion lobby fights against it. “The abortion lobby always says that they are not for abortion, they are just for women having the “right to choose.” But apparently women should not have the right to un-choose,” Mark Crutcher,…

Baby born after doctors reversed effect of abortion pill taken by mother

A pregnant woman, who was given the abortion pill without her knowledge and completed a process to reversed the pill’s effect , has given birth. Fox 46 in Charlotte reported the story. The news station spoke with Dr. Matthew Harrison, a North Carolina doctor instrumental in developing an abortion pill reversal kit used to reverse…

Pro-life center saves babies with abortion pill reversal treatment

A pro-life pregnancy center in Iowa is the first in the area to offer medical abortion reversals allowing women to carry babies they intended to abort to term. The Woman’s Choice Center of the Quad Cities, just announced that area women who change their mind after beginning a medical abortion now have an attempted reversal…