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Exciting, provocative and sometimes controversial,
our pro-life podcast covers abortion and the ongoing cultural civil war in a way you have never seen it before.


The Hosts

Mark Crutcher

Mark is the founder and president of Life Dynamics, author, and long time activist for the unborn who has always thought outside the box when it comes to ending abortion.

Sarah Waites

Sarah is a renegade millennial who hasn’t bought into socialism, identity politics, and the outrage culture the left has thrust onto her generation.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 51 | Snail Mail Abortions?

This week, under the guise of women’s safety due to COVID, the FDA announced that women seeking an abortion pill will not be required to visit a doctor’s office or clinic. We discuss how the fight to abandon this requirement began, what it means for women and young girls and what the motivation for the abortion industry’s endorsement of RU-486 really is. (Hint: It’s not money.)
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Episode 49 | Is There REALLY A War On Women, Or Is It A War On Men?

It seems like everyday, there is more talk about toxic masculinity, more examples of male bashing, and how “cis men” are the problem. We discuss this troubling trend in our culture and how a number of serious problems that males are facing are being completely ignored. This controversial episode leaves you asking, does modern feminism have the solution, or is it part of the problem?
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Episode 48 | Pro-Life Legislation: Who’s The Real Enemy?

As a wave of pro-life bills are being proposed by states around the country, the debate over incremental legislation is reignited. The hosts discuss the important distinction between advocating vs supporting a bill with exceptions, the effects of passing bills with exceptions, and potential danger zones.
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Episode 47 | States Declare War Against Abortion

Despite conservatives not having control in the Oval Office and in the Senate, conservatives are not backing down in the fight against abortion. As mentioned in a Huffington Post article, a tidal wave of pro-life bills are being introduced by states. We discuss this and other victories. But as Sarah points out, we must be careful because Republican does not always mean pro-life.
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Episode 46 | The Alarming Decline of Birth Rates Worldwide

Researchers and economists are calling worldwide plunges in birth rates a “crisis.” We discuss what some countries are doing in the hopes of reversing it, the potential ramifications of this, and how it is all connected to legalized abortion and “population control.” Plus, we reveal how one Danish travel agency is selling traveling as a way to “save Denmark.”
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