Episode 70 | The Grisly Situation in Afghanistan

In response to a question on one of our Instagram posts about what happens to the bodies of babies after abortion, we reveal the different ways abortion clinics have “disposed” of aborted babies. Plus, we discuss the abortion industry’s problem with waste disposal companies and the disgusting conditions and awful behaviors inside clinics. This episode proves that there is no such thing as humane disposal of these babies.

Episode Synopsis:

This week, the hosts sit down with special guest Sheila Crutcher to discuss the situation in Afghanistan and where things are headed. Plus, they talk about how this situation is a perfect illustration of the moral component of political decisions.

Episode Duration: 23 min

Special Guest: Sheila Crutcher

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In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:25)
  2. The situation in Afghanistan (1:25)
  3. Who’s in charge? (10:38)
  4. The moral component of political decisions (13:05)
  5. What the future holds (20:14)
  6. Closing Statements (21:54)

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