Episode 36 | Cancelling Eugenics
Episode Synopsis:

A recent post by Feminists Choosing Life of NY asks, when will our cancel culture cancel eugenics? We discuss the origins and history of eugenics, how it operates in the world today, its connection to abortion, and how it is being defended by those who would consider themselves “woke.” This episode proves that we can’t end eugenics without ending abortion.

Episode Duration: 23 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:24)
  2. Feminists Choosing Life of NY Post (00:37)
  3. The article on Down Syndrome in The Atlantic (1:33)
  4. The staggering statics of babies aborted due to Down Syndrome (2:57)
  5. Gene Stallings and Wil Can Fly (4:16)
  6. When is our cancel culture going to cancel eugenics? (6:06)
  7. The origins and history of eugenics (7:23)
  8. Abortion is the eugenics movement’s last hope (11:40)
  9. Eugenics and sex selection abortions (13:01)
  10. Eugenics is incompatible with America’s constitution (17:37)
  11. Article “Defending Eugenics” (18:52)
  12. We can’t end eugenics without ending abortion (20:50)
  13. Closing Statements (23:06)
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