Episode 27 | The First Presidential Debates of 2020
Episode Synopsis:

September 29th marked the kick-off of the presidential debates – and it was definitely memorable. We discuss the presidential food fight, the boiling clash over the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and the left’s division over Ginsburg’s decision to stay on until the very end, and how Trump has been able to make an astronomical number of appointments in four years. As this episode will show, this is just the beginning!

Episode Duration: 28 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings (00:24)
  2. The first presidential debates (00:44)
  3. The similarities between Patton & Trump (2:54)
  4. The Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett (8:04)
  5. The coat hanger abortion narrative (9:10)
  6. The left’s claims that it’s racist for Barrett to have adopted black kids from foreign countries (13:31)
  7. The left’s hypocrisy regarding religion (16:10)
  8. The left’s division over Ginsburg’s decision to stay on the Supreme Court until the end (19:30)
  9. Trump’s astronomical number of appointments (23:04)
  10. The decline of the Democrat Party (26:27)
  11. Closing Statements (27:54)
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