Planned Parenthood wants an authentic abortion dialogue – pro-lifers say bring it!

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood claims they want an “authentic public dialogue about abortion” and the pro-life community says bring it on! In an op-Ed written by Cecile Richards and published in Time, the president of Planned Parenthood writes, “America has an urgent need for authentic public dialogue about abortion.” Life Dynamics, a national pro-life organization…

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood claims they want an “authentic public dialogue about abortion” and the pro-life community says bring it on!

Cecile Richards abortion safe Time 2015

In an op-Ed written by Cecile Richards and published in Time, the president of Planned Parenthood writes, “America has an urgent need for authentic public dialogue about abortion.

Life Dynamics, a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas, which has researched abortion and Planned Parenthood says…bring it on!

In expressing her opinions on abortion, for which Cecile Richards, earns a lavish lifestyle, Richards makes the false claim that abortion is safe.


Richards, whose Planned Parenthood abortion organization gets half a billion in tax payer funding and provides the bulk of abortions in the country states, “ We are seriously overdue to have a public dialogue about abortion…It’s time we talk openly about the caring and compassionate doctors and clinicians who provide abortion services. We also need to educate the public about how safe the procedure is, and about the consequences for women in need when more burdensome and unnecessary restrictions are passed by politicians. From 72-hour waiting periods to mandatory ultrasounds, there is real harm to women when legislators begin to take the place of doctors.”

Cecile Richards 3 Planned Parenthood safe and legal abortion eugenics racism

Life Dynamics refutes this statement and has published a list of women killed from so-called “safe and legal abortion“.

As you examine this list, it is important to remember three things.

First, each of these women ended up on a steel coroner’s table as a result of their “choice” to submit to a “safe and legal” abortion.

Second, by the abortion industry’s own statistics, the overwhelming majority of abortions performed in America are done for non-medical reasons on healthy women carrying healthy babies.

Third, when researching this issue, it becomes clear that, for several reasons, abortion mortality is grotesquely under-reported.

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According to Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, “One factor in this under-reporting is that the American abortion lobby has been effective in keeping abortion deaths from being counted as such in medical documents and studies, and equally effective in keeping the media from reporting on them when they are correctly identified. It is also true that some states don’t collect data on abortion deaths and others don’t report such data to any of the governmental agencies that track abortion mortality.

“Another problem is that documents published by these governmental agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control, as well as those put out by state health departments and independent researchers, inevitably remove any information that might identify the victims. In these cases, these dead women are given “Jane Doe” names and are generally known only by age and race. Even with our limited resources, we were able to identify 154 additional victims who fall into this category. (Whatever identifying information was given in these cases was reconciled against our list to eliminate the possibility of duplications.)

Safe and Legal Prochoice Death List

Crutcher said that in researching the names, Life Dynamics found several hundred other death cases in which there was strong evidence that the women named had died from injuries sustained in legal abortions.

Since we did not have absolute PROOF that the abortion was the actual cause of death, those names were not included in our list,” Crutcher pointed out.

“All of these issues, and others, make it impossible to produce comprehensive and reliable information on this subject. For that reason, any statistics gathered from such research is meaningless. The fact is that no one knows how many women are killed in legal abortions. The only thing we know for certain is that the list can represent no more than the tip of an iceberg.” he stated.

Abortion Autopsy Photo SafeandLegal S&LInside-true-face

In addition to the list, Crutcher has made public autopsy images of a woman killed by legal abortion. The images were uploaded at the request of the dead abortion patient’s mom who said the media had failed to warn women about the risks of the abortion procedure. View those here, WARNING GRAPHIC!

For more on the safety of abortion click recent blog posts here, here, or here.


If it is an authentic conversation Richards wants then Life Dynamics can accommodate the Planned Parenthood president.

In a 2002 undercover investigation, Life Dynamics exposed the covering up of child sexual abuse by Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

Northern Adirondack Planned Parenthood child predators

Hundreds of audio taped conversations with Planned Parenthood staff and abortion industry workers have been made public to prove the claim.

Read that report and listen to the tapes here.

In addition, Life Dynamics recently published actual criminal case summaries where Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics covered for pedophiles.

That report can be read here, warning it will shock you!

Child Predator abortion Planned Parenthood view cases

Let’s not forget to have an honest conversation on how Planned Parenthood was founded in the first place.

After all Planned Parenthood’s top award is named after racist founder Margaret Sanger, whose agenda was eugenics which targeted the Black Community.

Planned Parenthood Johnny Hunter Maafa21 Quote

Black pastor, the Rev. Johnny Hunter, said it best, “For our community, the real weapon of mass destruction is not in the Middle East; it’s the suction machine at the local Planned Parenthood…”

A shocking documentary film produced by Life Dynamics details this history.

PP KKK 2011-04-003

It is called, Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America and can be viewed online at

Then, there is that little forgotten fact that abortion kills unborn babies.

To Planned Parenthood this just a distraction.

But, the truth needs to be told, right?

Well, Cecile Richards, you can’t get anymore “authentic” than this:

Abortion images Planned Parenthood pictures prolife

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  1. The conviction that a human life is at stake should take precedence over the belief that it is about a woman’s health!

  2. Bill Ruby says:

    So Planned Parenthood wants a “an authentic dialogue” with pro-lifers about abortion? Great. Have Cecile Richards try to debate Gianna Jessen or Melissa Ohden, both attempted abortion survivors.

  3. John M. Burt says:

    Millions of Americans would like to have a serious, rational, adult discussion about abortion.
    Clearly “Life Dynamics” isn’t ready for one.

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