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From saving babies lives, producing products and providing services, revealing the truth about abortion, and providing resources and help to those who have been impacted by abortion – Life Dynamics has long been in the fight for life and will continue to have an impact.

While not every individual knows about Life Dynamics, for those who are knowledgeable about the pro-life movement and are concerned about the abortion issue, they have probably heard about our projects.

Life Dynamics is perhaps best known for our undercover stings and groundbreaking research into the abortion issue and the industry that capitalizes on it.

These investigations (America’s Hidden Sex Scandal, the Pro-Life check Scandal, the Racial Targeting Report, the Child Predator Report, Maafa 21, Under the Radar Violence Report, and the Marketing of Baby Parts scandal) have caused waves not just within the pro-life movement, but in politics and policy, as well as made its way into the mainstream media and public opinion.

We have always tried to bring something new to the pro-life movement. As a result, Life Dynamics has produced several unique and incredibly effective programs and campaigns.

Our Campaigns

EyeWitness Campaign

Following our Child Predator Investigation, which proved that the majority of abortion clinics were violating the law by regularly covering up statutory rape and child abuse, we decided to start the EyeWitness Campaign to help stop those crimes. Life Dynamics produced the EyeWitness Kit that equipped people with the knowledge and tools to successfully report when underage girls seek pregnancy tests, abortions, birth control, or treatment for a sexually transmitted disease to law enforcement in order to stop the abuse of that child. Because of the unified efforts of local pro-lifers, law enforcement, and Life Dynamics, a number of sexual predators were successfully convicted for their crimes; something that may have otherwise been impossible.

Clinic Worker Outreach

Several years ago, we started our Clinic Worker outreach. These efforts help educate abortion clinic employees about illegal activities that could be going on where they work, what legal troubles they could be facing, and what they can do about it. This newly revised campaign truly makes a difference at the local level! This is an easy way you can easily and effectively make an impact in your community. To learn more about the project and how you can get involved, click here.

Direct Mail Program

Our Direct Mail Program may not has gotten much attention from the pro-life movement, but have definitely caught the attention of abortion clinics and pro-choice activists. The goal of this program is to reinforce those negative stigmas that are attached to abortion and abortionists, while also educating medical students and physicians about the realities about the lives of abortionists.

Depending on the specific goals, Life Dynamics does mass mailings to: the general public, lawyers, schools, physician’s offices, and students or professors at medical schools and hospitals. The mass mailings are effective because it’s easy, it reinforces the negative image of abortionists, it makes people rethink whether abortion really is a part of medicine, and the abortion industry can’t design a strategy to counter the Direct Mail Program.

Abortion Malpractice Program

At Life Dynamics, we know that abortion injuries as well as the death of the mother are common results of abortion procedures. For years, we had an Abortion Malpractice Program. This program provided attorneys with free litigation support services needed to win malpractice cases against abortionists. We routinely participated in abortion related medical malpractice cases and researched hundreds more. Life Dynamics not only provided research and abortion information, but information on abortionists, client education, and case management. The goal of this program was not only to provide help to clients and attorneys, but to also increase the likelihood that abortion injured women will want to stand up and that they would be able to receive fair compensation. Due to Tort reform, abortion malpractice cases are not commonly pursued. You can learn more about this in episode 25 of our Pro-Life America podcast.

Besides our reports, Life Dynamics has come to be known for our hard-hitting videos and documentaries

Our Videos

Maafa 21

In 2009, we released the documentary Maafa 21, which exposes that the real motivation behind the reproductive movement was eugenics. Since it’s release, the documentary continues to revolutionize the African American community into standing up against Black Genocide and Planned Parenthood.

Maafa 21 was a featured film in the following film festivals: 2010 Real Life Film Festival in Sudbury, Ontario, the 2010 Jubilee Film Festival in Selma, Alabama, and the 2011 Life Fest Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. We encourage fans and pro-life activists to hold their own screening of the film. For more information, visit

An American Abortion Clinic

Our most recent documentary, An American Abortion Clinic, created media frenzy and public uproar. Our interview with three ex-abortion clinic workers and a patient, exposed the horrific reality of American abortion clinics and the practices of Houston abortionist, Douglas Karpin.

Christi’s Choice
"Christi's Choice" as told by her mom.

Ever wonder about the risks of abortion? Our documentary, Christi’s Choice, tells the heartbreaking story of 18-year-old Christi, who was left in a permanent vegetative state after her abortion. This sad story shows how abortion destroyed Christi’s life and that of her entire family. This film is available to watch in either English or Spanish.

Suction Currettage

Designed in mind for Women’s Resource Centers, Suction Currettage was designed to educate women on the methods and risks of abortion. This video uses cutting edge 3D animation that is accurate and non-graphic, keeping in mind the intended audience. While this video has been an effective tool at Crisis Pregnancy Centers across the nation, it perfect for educating anyone on the two most commonly used abortion procedures and their risks. Watch the video at

Life Talk
LifeTalk is now Live!

For years. Life Dynamics produced, Life Talk, a pro-life talk show that tackled the tough issues related to abortion. When the show began in 1999, it was the first television talk show dedicated exclusively to the pro-life issue. We loved producing it and it had served the pro-life movement well for a long time. In November of 2019, we decided to end the show. However, past episodes and clips can be seen on the LifeTalkTv YouTube channel.

Our YouTube channel, Life Dynamics Inc, features the latest information on upcoming projects, interviews, news, commercials, and hard hitting pro-life videos. We encourage everyone who supports Life Dynamics to subscribe to our channel so they can stay up to date with our latest videos. Below are just a few of our most popular videos.

Shocking Video: Millions Dead

Since 1973, at least 55 million unborn children have been slaughtered in the womb in our nation. This video shows just how overwhelming these numbers are and demonstrates the magnitude of abortion in the United States. Watch our new shortened version of this video here.

A Message From The Unborn
"In the next few minutes, someone is going to call my mom's name and take us to the room where I will be killed..."

This short and heart-breaking video gives a voice to that baby – gives a voice to the thousands of babies that are killed on a daily basis by abortion.

“It’s Just A Choice”
It's Just A Choice - #ItsJustAChoice

This video is emotionally shocking, and it may be controversial, but in the end this is an important reminder of what this battle is all about. This video may be hard for some to watch.


In 2020, Life Dynamics launched the new pro-life podcast, Pro-Life America. Exciting, provocative and sometimes controversial, our new podcast covers abortion and the ongoing cultural civil war in a way you have never seen it before. The podcast is available to listen on 17 different podcast platforms – including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and more! Find out more about the podcast, listen to episodes, and easily subscribe on your favorite platform here.


In addition to all of our investigations and programs, we offer a variety of products designed to get out the pro-life message. From books to DVD’s, to brochures and pro-life gear, we have something for everyone – including your local Crisis Pregnancy Center. In fact, an easy way to help the pro-life cause is to share our Crisis Pregnancy page with all your local CPCs to let them know about our products and services. Below are a few of our products. You can find more on the Products section of our website.

This is just a small overview of what Life Dynamics has done and the impact we are making. We have so much amazing work planned for the future and we hope that you will consider helping to support and make that work possible.

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