Life Talk Pro-life News: July 2015

On the July 2015 episode of the pro-life TV show Life Talk, we discuss pro-life issues relating to abortion and P{planned Parenthood with Mark Crutcher, Renee Hobbs, Fr. Frank Pavone, and Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa. This month we welcome special guest Catherine Davis, the founder and president of the Restoration Project, who speaks to the…

On the July 2015 episode of the pro-life TV show Life Talk, we discuss pro-life issues relating to abortion and P{planned Parenthood with Mark Crutcher, Renee Hobbs, Fr. Frank Pavone, and Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa.

This month we welcome special guest Catherine Davis, the founder and president of the Restoration Project, who speaks to the panel about the recent “Black Women Matter” march in Selma, Alabama.

You can read about the march here and here.

Also discussed in the show is the closing of Texas abortion clinics and how the state has cut off Planned Parenthood from funds for cancer screenings.

Is abortion safer than childbirth

Mark Crutcher talks about how the media and the CDC spin the facts in abortion deaths. You can read more about that here.

The cast debunks the myth of overpopulation, Freakonomics, and discusses the how some countries are now paying their citizens to have children.

In the outrage segment, a private school takes a trip to a sex shop and a woman threatens pro-lifers by demanding “1 Million Dollars or I Abort”.

Sex Shop Smitten Kitten

Finally, the cast discusses the South Carolina shooting inside a Black church which shocked the nation. Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher explains that the violence we are witnessing being unleashed in society is directly tied to the way we devalue life in the womb.

Dylann Root charleston church shooting

Alan Ackles was unavailable this month, so Blynda Lane filled in to bring us this month’s Life Talk New:

Blynda Lane Life Talk news July 2015

In an update to a previous Life Talk News story, an Oklahoma abortion doctor arrested for selling abortions to non-pregnant women has been bound over to face trial. Naresh Patel was charged in December after undercover agents set up appointments with the abortionist where they say he administered ultrasounds and pregnancy tests and then told them they were pregnant when they were not.

Naresh Patel mug

He waived his right to a preliminary hearing, which means he’s now bound over for trial. In addition to the three counts of obtaining money under a false pretense, the Oklahoma State Attorney General has added a charge of conspiracy to commit a felony. Court papers also allege one victim, who was never pregnant, died of cervical cancer, just four months after Patel performed an abortion on her.

Read more on Patel here.

Abortion Clinic CLosed Friendship-GaryINCLOSED

In a similar story, an Indiana abortion clinic, with a history of health code violations, has reportedly closed its doors following criminal charges filed against the abortionist. According to reports, abortionist Ulrich Klopfer, who operates the Friendship Family Planning abortion clinic in Gary, surrendered the clinic’s license to health officials in May. Ken Severson, spokesman for the Indiana Department of Health stated that the abortion clinic’s closure came following a 1,833-count complaint against Klopfer with the state’s medical licensing board, as well as criminal charges of failing to report an abortion he performed on a 13-year-old child. The licensing board is allowing him to keep his medical license pending the state’s investigation.

More on this abortion clinic closing here.
Update on Klopfer’s South Bend abortion clinic here.


A 54-year-old Texas pro-choice man has been sentenced to 50 years in prison after authorities say he raped and impregnated a teen and then forced an abortion on her. According to court testimony, Mauricio Hernandez, who worked as a school custodian, sexually assaulted the 14-year-old victim, impregnated her, then gave her pills forcing her to deliver a baby in a soccer park portable toilet. At the time, the victim was about eight months pregnant and said she heard a large plop and when she looked into the waste tank she saw a small hand in the water. According to a police report, the victim’s mother noticed that her daughter was bleeding and took her to the hospital. Police say Hernandez made no attempt to rescue the newborn because he was afraid of getting in trouble. The baby was later found submerged in the toilet where prosecutors say she drowned.

Carlton CJ Bryan sm

A Connecticut pro-choice man has been found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and being an accessory to murder after hiring a hit man to kill his girlfriend. The 21-year-old victim, Shamari Jenkins, was four months pregnant when she was shot in the back. Police say her ex-boyfriend, 23-year-old Carlton Bryan, paid a friend to kill her because he did not want to be saddled with a child and Jenkins refused to have an abortion.

In a victory for pro-life students in Idaho, Boise State University has revised its policy for campus demonstrations to allow controversial events without warning signs. The decision follows a lawsuit filed by Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of the pro-life student group Abolitionists for Life. ADF said that school officials required the warning signs when the group announced plans to use abortion images for two events on campus. The first event used graphic photos of abortions and the second event used autopsy photos of an 18-year-old who had died from her abortion. Those photos were released by Life Dynamics on their website, Safe and Legal dot com, after the victim’s mother requested they be made public. Attorneys say the school’s policy discriminated against the pro-life club and did not apply to other groups, including Planned Parenthood which holds events at the school. In addition to changing their policy to allow free speech to pro-life groups, the University agreed to pay $20,000 in damages plus attorney fees.

PP Metro DC

In the ongoing trend of abortion clinics closing, a killing center in the heart of the nation’s capital has announced it will be closing. Planned Parenthood in D.C., which has been the site of numerous pro-life demonstrations and was featured in Life Dynamics’ film Maafa 21, said they are closing while they look for a new location in the area. In 2009, that Planned Parenthood paid $1.5 million in damages to the family of a teenaged girl whose abortion left her permanently disabled. The center was also the target of an undercover investigation conducted by Life Dynamics which documented how the abortion industry covers up for men who sexually abuse children. In the call, an employee of this Planned Parenthood can be heard telling what they thought was a 13-year-old girl impregnated by an adult male, that they never tell the police or other officials about these situations. You can listen to that entire call at Child

Read more here.


In Dallas, Texas, one of the oldest and most politically active abortion mills in the state is shutting its doors. A representative of the Routh Street abortion clinic has told a Life Dynamics caller that the facility will close permanently after the Fifth Circuit of Appeals ruled that a Texas law regulating abortion clinics is constitutional. Under the new law, facilities providing abortions must meet the same health and safety standards as other ambulatory surgical centers, and the abortionist must have admitting privileges in a local hospital. The decision is being appealed to the United States Supreme Court.

In Columbus Georgia, Seneca Choices for Life says it is going to open up a facility just 10 feet away from the notorious Columbus Women’s Health Organization abortion clinic owned by Diane Derzis. Derzis, who claims that God wants her to provide abortions, previously ran the New Woman All Women facility in Birmingham, Alabama, which was forced to close after a scathing 176-page deficiency report was filed by state health inspectors. The pro-life center is coming under some heat for their decision to operate in the face of the abortion clinic, but the group says they are going forward and will not be bullied into a corner.

Finally, CNS News is reporting that, in 37 straight surveys conducted over the course of 21 years by the Gallup polling company, a solid majority of Americans do not favor unrestricted abortion on demand. In the most recent survey conducted in May, 19 percent said abortion should never be legal and another 36 percent said it should only be legal in a few circumstances. Only 29 percent said abortion should be legal under any circumstances.

Watch the current show here.

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