State moves to revoke abortion clinic license

An Indiana abortionist could be forced to close another abortion clinic in the state after health officials moved to revoke the license of his South Bend facility.

Klopfer South bend abortion

Ulrich Klopfer, who operated several abortion clinics around Indiana, was recently cited by state health officials in Gary for several health deficiencies which led to that abortion facility closing in May.

Now, it appears that his South Bend abortion clinic may be facing similar problems.

An inspection conducted in October of 2014 by the Indiana Department of Health of the Women’s Pavilion abortion facility, revealed that the clinic was cited for 27 deficiencies.

Womans Pavillion abortion clinic Oct 2014 complaint

Now, according to Indiana Right to Life, the state is moving to revoke the abortion facility’s license:

According to IRTL, on Dec. 9, 2014, state health department officials sent a notice of noncompliance to Klopfer’s South Bend abortion facility and requested a formal plan of correction for each deficiency and then a second notice on January 6.

Because no plan of correction was submitted by the clinic, on June 26th the state filed a complaint to revoke the facility’s operating license.

Womans Pavillion abortion clinic June 2015 complaint

In addition to his clinics closing, the abortion doctor is also facing charges that he failed to report the abortions of minor girls in a timely manner.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office has charged Klopfer with 1,818 counts of submitting incomplete and incorrect abortion reports, two counts of not filing reports for 13-year-old patients within three days of procedures and 13 counts of failing to ensure counselors obtained proper consent.

The Indiana Medical Licensing Board recently voted to move forward to hear the complaint rejecting Klopfer’s motion for summary judgment.

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Life Dynamics has documented that abortion clinics are not complying with laws that require them to report the abortions of minors. In a report published online, Life Dynamics proves that the abortion industry has become a breeding ground for pedophiles who use abortion to hide their crimes.

You can read that report here.

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