America Is Under Attack

It would be easy to conclude that our country is teetering on the edge of total collapse. Riots. Looting. Tearing down statues. The cancel culture. The pandemic. Lawlessness. Chaos. Terror. At the heart of it all is the loss of the nation’s moral bearings. The fact that it is perfectly legal for a mom to…

Written By: Mark Crutcher
President of Life Dynamics

It would be easy to conclude that our country is teetering on the edge of total collapse. Riots. Looting. Tearing down statues. The cancel culture. The pandemic. Lawlessness. Chaos. Terror.

At the heart of it all is the loss of the nation’s moral bearings. The fact that it is perfectly legal for a mom to kill her own unborn child is irrefutable proof of that. If you are here reading this post, then you know this to be true. It’s why you fight so hard and so passionately to end our nation’s abortion holocaust.

And make no mistake about it, America is under attack.

The bulk of this rioting has been orchestrated by a radical, pro-abortion, anarchist organization called Black Lives Matter. The leaders of this group admit to being highly trained Marxists whose ultimate goal is to destroy the United States through revolution. Toward that end, they are working with other communist organizations like Antifa who have the same agenda.

Right before our eyes, there are those who are attempting to transform our nation from a capitalist nation devoted to freedom and equality of opportunity into one that will require us to grovel at the feet of Godless Marxism. - Life Dynamics
Posted February 24, 2020 by @life_dynamics_incorporated

An ironic twist

But in the middle of all this, something positive – something no one could have predicted – is happening. In His infinite goodness, God is giving us the opportunity to turn this evil on its head.

In just the last month or so, we began to notice that on social media the Black Lives Matter protests have produced a dramatically heightened interest among African-Americans in black genocide. And the more intellectually honest among them are becoming very uncomfortable with the obvious hypocrisy of screaming “black lives matter” at the police and the American people while ignoring the fact that Planned Parenthood is killing hundreds of black babies in the womb every day.

It's textbook hypocrisy to scream "Black Lives Matter" while ignoring the cat that Planned Parenthood is killing Hundreds of Black babies in the womb every day. - Life Dynamics
Posted August 11, 2020 by @life_dynamics_incorporated

Black Lives Matter is unwittingly creating an opportunity for the pro-life movement that we could not have imagined in our wildest dreams! And we are not the only ones who have picked up on this shocking new development. Black pro-life leaders have told us that they have noticed THE EXACT SAME THING!

On a recent conference call with a group of dedicated, rock-solid, black pro-life leaders, they said it’s clear that a growing number of their fellow African-Americans are seeing that – despite all the heated rhetoric – the most dangerous place for a black person to be is not in police custody, but inside his or her mother’s womb.

The most exciting part of this is that the people who are coming to this realization were basically oblivious to the abortion issue before all this began. In effect, we are getting in front of an audience that was totally disinterested in our message just six months ago!

And the black pro-life leaders on that conference call are ready to join forces with the Life Dynamics family to ignite the pro-life embers that are on the verge of bursting into flame. They came to us because it was Life Dynamics that first exposed the abortion lobby’s campaign of black genocide back in 2009 when we released our documentary, Maafa 21. I know you’re familiar with it, so I won’t spend time here telling you things you already know.

Maafa 21

It’s been 11 years since we began the Maafa 21 project and, amazingly, it has never slowed down. So far, we’ve distributed over 275,000 copies on DVD. Hundreds of thousands of people have watched it on the Internet. It’s still being shown in churches, convention centers, meeting halls – even in barber shops – all across the country.

Johnny Hunter

And Dr. Johnny Hunter, who heads up the Life Education And Resource Network – America’s largest and most effective black pro-life organization – told me that in just the past few weeks he’s seen a significant uptick in interest in Maafa 21. He said, with no hesitation, that more and more of our African-American brothers and sisters are starting to make the connection between abortion and the attack on the black community. And the driving force behind it seems to be Black Lives Matter.

Like me, Dr. Hunter and the others on this conference call think this might be that “something” Pastor Broden predicted years ago would one day cause the Maafa 21 message to explode across the country.

Now our job is to make it happen!

Understand this, it is no secret that the American abortion lobby is totally dependent on the Democrat Party for its political survival. We also know that the Democrat Party cannot win elections without getting 90% to 95% of the black vote. In reality, even if they hang on to 60% or 70% – they lose. It’s just that simple and the Democrat leadership knows it.

What this means is, if the Democrat Party loses even a relatively small percentage of its support within the African-American community, the political base for legalized abortion-on-demand evaporates. And that’s a fact!

Just keep in mind that our goal is not to turn Democrat voters into Republican voters.

Our loyalty is to the unborn - not to a political party.
Posted March 4, 2020 by @life_dynamics_incorporated

After all, we’ve seen many times in the past that the Republicans are just as likely to stab us in the back as the Democrats are to stab us in the chest. Our goal is to turn as many people as possible into reliable and committed pro-life voters and then let the chips fall where they may.

But in the mean time, we cannot ignore the fact that it’s Democrats who push “abortion till birth” laws. It’s Democrats who force all Americans to pay for abortions. It’s Democrats who refuse to protect babies who survive abortions. It’s Democrats who demand that abortion mills stay open during the COVID-19 crisis – even as they call for churches to be shut down. It’s Democrats who appoint radical pro-abortion judges to the federal bench where they can strike down any pro-life laws passed by state legislatures. (Check out Episode 3 of our Pro-Life America Podcast for the other ways these people tried to capitalize on the coronavirus tragedy.)

The bottom line is that the Democrats are the Party of Death and they owe their election victories to African-American voters – many of whom are personally pro-life but have been conditioned for decades to blindly vote Democrat.

The Democrats, along with their accomplices in the abortion lobby and the media, have perpetrated a fraud on the African-American community and Maafa 21 exposes it.

The power in this documentary is that it causes those who watch it to re-evaluate and challenge their long held beliefs and loyalties. And that is all the pro-life movement can ask for.

Fighting for America

History shows that wars are not necessarily won by the side that does the most things right. They are lost by the side that does the most things wrong and makes the biggest mistakes.

And right now, the biggest mistake the pro-life movement could make would be to not capitalize on this unique and ironic opportunity that God has dropped into our laps.

But because of the financial devastation that was inflicted on us by the theft of our mail, we are not in a position to do that without your help. So what I’m counting on is that you will rush Life Dynamics the most generous gift you can so we can turn the Black Lives Matter movement on its head and win countless numbers of our African-American brothers and sisters over to the pro-life cause.

Your dollars will allow us to buy ads promoting the Maafa 21 message on social media platforms or produce more DVD copies so that, hopefully, we will be able to give them away for free to groups that have opportunities to distribute them inside black communities.

I know times are tough, but we have to take full advantage of this moment because it is not likely to come again. Ever. The truth is, this could be the best chance we will ever have to get the black community to join us in large numbers in the battle to protect the unborn.

So please do what you can by sending Life Dynamics the largest donation possible today!
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One More Thing…

Based on letters and phone calls we have received after we let everyone know about the thieves who’d been stealing our mail, I realized that I wasn’t clear enough when I told you that we’d resolved the situation. We’ve shored things up with the post office and, with their help, put a system in place that makes sure there’s no chance of your donations ever being stolen from us again. It is PERFECTLY SAFE to send Life Dynamics a donation through the mail.

Of course, we’re still trying to recover from many months of having our mail stolen. This situation got so bad that I feared I’d have to shut Life Dynamics down. Thanks to God, we avoided that catastrophe, but just barely. That being said, our survival is still at risk. We’ll never get back the money they stole. So like I told you last month, I really need your help to get Life Dynamics back on track. In addition to our Maafa 21 project, your tax-deductible gift will help us move several equally explosive projects off our shelves and onto the battlefield.

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