Abortion’s Monetary Momentum

Anytime the pro-life movement tries to pass legislation, its a guarantee that they will be dramatically outspent by the pro-aborts. The question is where the pro-aborts get this money. The answer is…

Anytime the pro-life movement tries to pass legislation, its a guarantee that they will be dramatically outspent by the pro-aborts.

Not surprisingly, this often proves disastrous since the American political system is now totally controlled by money. It may sound cynical, but the fact is that if one throws enough money into any battle in American politics, victory is virtually assured, regardless of merit.

The question is where the pro-aborts get this money.

They will tell you it comes from the “pro-choice majority” which simply outnumbers our people. That is pure garbage. This “pro-choice majority” rhetoric has always been a bald-faced lie and the abortion industry’s own actions prove it. If they really believed that their viewpoint is shared by the majority of the American people, their strategy would be to fight their battles within the political arena where the majority makes the rules.

On the other hand, if they know that they do not have the support of the majority, their best strategy is to keep their issue out of politics and contest it in the judicial system, which is literally teaming with pro-aborts.

With that in mind, look at what their strategy has been for the last thirty years. These people have done everything within their power to keep the abortion issue out of the legislatures and in the courts. Clearly, they realize that their “pro-choice majority” rhetoric is nothing more than political spin.

In fact, if an independent analysis were done, it would most likely reveal that political contributions from advocates on both sides are roughly equal. If either side has an edge, it’s more likely to be the pro-life side. Years ago, there were several studies which showed that, while pro-lifers earned less per-capita income than pro-aborts, they demonstrated a willingness to donate a higher percentage of their income to the abortion battle than their pro-abortion counterparts.

So where does the abortion industry get the money to consistently outspend us in the political arena?

The answer is…

The answer is that they get it from the women who have abortions. Let’s say that a fifteen-year-old girl goes into an abortion clinic and gives the abortionist $350 to kill her baby. Most of that money goes to pay salaries, taxes, overhead, profit, etc. However, every abortionist knows that if his political defenders are not successful, the pro-lifers will put him out of business. Therefore, he’s going to pour some of that girl’s money into the political machine that’s trying to keep abortion legal. That way, the next girl can come in and give him money to kill her baby, part of which he will donate to keep abortion legal, so the next girl can come in… and so on, and so on. In effect, pro-abortion political activists function as a trade organization for the abortion industry.

Although we don’t really know how much money goes from the nation’s abortionists into their political machine, if even only a small percentage of that money makes its way into the pro-abortion political machine, the dollars add up fast. Making matters worse, there is no off-setting source of funds for the pro-life political effort. All of our political funds come from direct contributions. This is what creates the great disparity between the amount of campaign money available to the two sides.

In effect, every abortion provides the abortion industry with the financial means to keep abortion legal.

Every time an abortion is performed, it provides momentum to keep abortion legal – and the American abortion industry knows it. When they oppose even the most benign pro-life legislation, its not just short-term profit they’re thinking about. They realize that, both their political and financial future is dependent on the momentum created by high abortion rates. However, as we discuss in episode six of our Pro-Life America podcast, the abortion lobby insiders have known for years that they have a financial dilemma that, if unresolved, will eventually put them out of business. Rest assured, they have a plan to fix those problems, and we must be prepared for them.

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Just like the battle abortion, if you dig deep enough, you will inevitably discover that the motivations behind almost every war throughout human history were financial. Whether it was in the form of gold, or silver, or land, or diamonds, or oil, or anything else men covet, in the end it came down to money.

But the pro-life movement’s most effective weapon is, and has always been, the immorality and stigma of abortion. As long as we constantly and aggressively press that advantage, in the end, no amount of money will solve the abortion industry’s fundamental weaknesses.

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