Episode 6: Following The Abortion Industry’s Paper Trail
Episode Synopsis:

In this episode, we bring you an inside look at the abortion industry and expose the lie that women need abortion. We reveal what the abortion industry really makes its money on (and it’s not abortion) and why this is a problem for them.

Episode Duration: 23 min

In This Episode We Discuss:
  1. Greetings & today’s topic (00:24)
  2. The cost of first trimester abortion’s in the 1970s vs. today. (02:48)
  3. Marginal vs. Non-Marginal Products / Services. (05:25)
  4. The reason why the abortion industry fights regulations (07:23)
  5. An important lesson from the Watergate Hearings. (09:02)
  6. The abortion industry’s supply and demand problem (09:54)
  7. Why Planned Parenthood & other clinics won’t give up abortion. (11:13)
  8. What the abortion industry really makes its money on. (13:56)
  9. Why quality doctors don’t want to get involved with abortion provision. (14:49)
  10. Recent events which indicate the abortion industry’s possible goal for the future of abortion (19:00)
  11. Next week’s topic & a special offer on our book, Siege (20:36)
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  • Mark, I like the way you provide detailed overview and indexes for you podcasts. I am still processing your critique of CPCs. It seems to me that this critique could be applied to Sidewalk Counseling. The main focus of Pro-Life Waco is public square outreach. I believe this is a brance of the pro-life tree that has fallen into disfavor with the rise of CPCs and SW Counseling. John Pisciotta.

    Comment by John Pisciotta on May 7, 2020 at 2:13 pm

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