Abortion Must Be Our #1 Issue!

Does the Republican party really consider abortion to be a top priority or is it simply an issue they leave unresolved so as to garner more votes?

Last week on the IAMTv show, Let’s Talk America, Mark Crutcher and Sheila Crutcher joined the show to discuss how abortion should be the number one priority among conservatives and Republicans; but that a recent poll shows that it is considered to be one of the last priories by many. If abortion is to be our litmus test, it’s time we start asking the RIGHT questions. Mark and Sheila reveal what those are.

Screenshot from the show

Finally, they talked about adoption, debunking pro-abort myths in regards to adoption, and why it isn’t the answer to ending abortion once and for all.

Be sure to watch the show and share it with others. The mainstream media and big tech are trying to censor the conservative voice! We MUST NOT let them silence the truth!

Watch Now:

Be sure to tune into the show LIVE on March 19th at 3 PM (CST)/ 4 PM (ET) using the IAMTv Roku app, the IAMTv website, or at: https://live.brighteon.com. For those who are unable to watch live, you can find the livestream later on the IAMTv Brighteon Channel.

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