Mothers of babies born premature speak against abortion

Born as young as 19 and 24 weeks, these beautiful pictures of babies were shared with a pro-life group by mothers shocked about legal abortion.

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The images were published on Live Action’s Facebook page in response to the group’s very powerful “Inhuman” investigation.

Writing for the Live Action Blog, Becky Yeh explains:

    The video reveals shocking admissions by the country’s most notorious abortionists on the humanity of a preborn child and the violent procedures performed on them.

    Abortionists, including Leroy Carhart and Laura Mercer, explain to investigators how a child is ripped apart piece by piece, drowned in solution, or poisoned by a lethal injection inside the womb. “What is Human?” reveals abortionists callously joking about killing a preborn child—even laughing about the horrific abortion procedures.

    After watching the video, parents shared these powerful images on Live Action’s Facebook page, showing the humanity of their own children inside the womb.

See more of the pictures parents shared with the pro-life group here.

Viewers who listened to the tapes were shocked when abortion doctor Leroy Carhart compared the late term abortion with putting meat in a crock-pot.

Leroy Carhart told the pregnant undercover investigator that aborting her late-term baby by subjecting the child to a lethal injection inside the womb was, “like putting meat in a Crock-Pot. Okay? It doesn’t get broke – it gets softer. It doesn’t get infected.”

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The mindset of those who profit off the killing of babies in the womb is shocking.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics has stated that the pro-choice mindset is comparable to a mental illness.

There is something wrong with people who will look you right in the face and say, I know it’s a baby- we all know that,” he said.

When you are an adult human being and you are able to say, yes, this is the taking of the life of an innocent child – totally helpless- cannot defend themselves- has done nothing- but I’m okay with it. There’s something mentally wrong with you. You have a mental illness,” Crutcher once told his Life Talk TV viewers.

Thankfully, the stories of children who survive at younger and younger ages is testimony to the absolute humanity of the unborn child at all stages of pregnancy.

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