Abortion Advocates Have No Right to Adopt

As an adopted person, it’s insulting to think that a pro-abort who wants to adopt is able to. These are the same people that say that it would have been perfectly fine if I wasn’t here today because my birth mother chose to kill me.

Written By: Sheila Crutcher
Life Dynamics Staff

“Pro-aborts shouldn’t legally
be able to adopt children.”

This is the stance of Mark Crutcher, founder and president of the pro-life organization Life Dynamics. He has said this many times in the past and continues to stand by this sentiment today. Of course, “pro-choicers” go ballistic over this exclamation and even some pro-lifers raise an eyebrow. As his pro-life adopted daughter, I can’t help but agree with his statement.

As an adoptee who grew up in the pro-life
movement, I have a unique perspective.

I have seen first-hand how precious the gift of life is and how barbaric the abortion industry and those who are involved are. Some people might think that the word “barbaric” is too harsh, but it isn’t…

I was brought home from the hospital at 6 days old. From day one, my parents were open with me about my adoption. Also, my parents were open with me about abortion and the abortion lobby. As a child whose father has been president of an influential pro-life organization, I have seen and heard things as a child, that even the average American adult has never seen or heard.

Adoption is an act of selflessness and love

Because of my perspective, I have always understood how adoption is an act of selflessness and love; whereas abortion is an act of selfishness and fear/hate. One side celebrates life and how adoption helps to bring families together. While, the other side promotes death and wallows in hate. The abortion lobby likes to talk about adoption as if it were a negative thing. They use words like “unwanted” and “abandoned” and point out “unfavorable futures” for those who are placed for adoption.

It is no surprise that they push that stigma though, because abortion advocates realize that every single act of adoption eats into their profits and pushes back against a narrative that they work hard to defend. That is one less child whose mother (or father) paid to have them killed and one more life that continues to live. While adoption isn’t the “solution” to ending abortion, it does go hand-in-hand with the pro-life movement (listen to Episode 79 of the “Pro-Life America Podcast” to learn more about this). The abortion lobby hides behind claims of “concern” for “unwanted” children and those who are in the foster care system. But in truth, the pro-choice side believes that a child is only worthy of life if the mother says so; or, how they like to say, “every child a wanted child.”

Let’s be clear though, there is no such thing as an “unwanted” child, despite what abortion advocates try to get people to believe.

While the birth mother may not want the child or may not be able to keep the child, that doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t want the child. Also, because a child’s future is unknown, doesn’t mean that they should be killed. It is important to point out that some of the same people who love animal adoptions and rescues also believe that a baby should be aborted because he or she is “unwanted” by their mother. They would NEVER suggest that an animal should be euthanized because they ended up in a shelter or because their future is unknown. So why the double standard for humans?

So, if adoption is such a wonderful thing, why shouldn’t abortion advocates be able to adopt?

It’s because it is such a wonderful thing! It recognizes the preciousness of life, which abortion advocates don’t seem capable of fully understanding. These people believe that life is simply disposable; that not every person has a fundamental right-to-life. They have no problem with babies being torn apart in the womb and being disposed of in dumpsters and garbage disposals. Abortion advocates believe that some babies deserve life while others don’t, simply based on a person’s (the birth mother’s) decision. They can’t possibly appreciate the gift of life because they don’t believe that gift should be upheld for EVERY child. They are not morally qualified to bring up a child. And they certainly don’t have any right to tell a child that their life is worth something only because they were “wanted.”

As an adopted person, it’s insulting to think that a pro-abort who wants to adopt is able to. These are the same people that say that it would have been perfectly fine if I wasn’t here today because my birth mother chose to kill me.

When you have personally escaped the abortion lobby’s grasp, it is hard to see it any other way. So instead of abortion advocates and organizations like Planned Parenthood acting like they care about babies and children, they should step aside and leave the adopting to those who actually care.

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