Zoning laws ignored for new Planned Parenthood abortion clinic

Pro-lifers in San Antonio, Texas say that city officials have given the green light to Planned Parenthood for it’s new $6.5 million abortion clinic in contrast to existing zoning laws which would have prohibited the renovations.

Planned Parenthood of South Texas’ more than 22,000 square feet facility in the 2100 block of Babcock Road, is four times the size permitted than what it’s zoning code is designated.

2200 block Babcock Planned Parenthood

The revelations come following a lawsuit filed by Dreamhill Estates resident Thelma Franco who is asking a judge to determine whether she had a right to appeal the city’s decision to grant the permits under the existing zoning for the Babcock building, which it did in August.

According to the San Antonio Express, the lawsuit contends the building should have been rezoned for “higher intensity use,” noting problems with it size, windows, parking space and other zoning-related issues

The lawsuit names Planned Parenthood South Texas and Delantero Investors LTD, a limited partnership that was formed to buy and renovate the property a strategy the abortion giant has been using to avoid alerting the public of their plans.

Dennis J. Drouillard, the lawyer for Franco told the paper that Planned Parenthood was “duplicitous” in not disclosing the nature of the building on its permit applications, he said.

That would have triggered a rezoning requirement, and neighbors would have had to have been notified, public hearings would have been held,” Drouillard said.

Now KENS5 has revealed that Planned Parenthood’s new $6.5 million abortion clinic was given a less stringent zoning designation than dozens of other surgical centers, according to official records released by San Antonio city officials.

According to KENS5:

    The city’s Development Services Department granted Planned Parenthood permits in May and August to demolish then remodel the inside of the building located in the 2100 block of Babcock Road. However, the building was not required to go through rezoning.

    PP San Antonio

    The building, which had housed medical offices since the mid-1980s, will contain several surgical rooms when it opens. Planned Parenthood of South Texas President & CEO Jeffrey Hons told KENS 5 on Monday that the non-profit is hoping to move in within a matter of weeks.

    PP San Antonio C1

    A city spokeswoman says the facility was ‘grandfathered’ in as C-1, a zoning designation that applies to “light commercial” buildings less than 5,000 square feet.

Patrick Von Dohlen of the San Antonio Family Association estimates Planned Parenthood will kill over twenty babies a day when the new facility opens.

Last month, State District Court Judge Sol Casseb’s issued his decision not to issue a temporary injunction that would have prevented the abortion clinic from getting its certificate of occupancy.

Mike Knuffke also with the San Antonio Family Association told the City Council that almost $100,000.00 was funneled from members of Planned Parenthood to city officials.

Knuffke also told pro-lifers about these contributions at a recent press conference:

So the question is,” Von Dohlen asked, “how in the world can citizens obtain justice when government officials’ palms are seemingly greased with campaign contributions?

Life Dynamics has been exposing the dangers of Planned Parenthood to minorities and to children for years.

In their latest report, The Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse, Life Dynamics gives actual criminal case summaries where Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers ignored mandatory reporting laws for children who were victims of sexual abuse. (read here)

In addition, Life Dynamics’ powerful documentary, Maafa21, reveals the racist agenda of abortion.

You can watch Maafa21 online here.

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