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Why is the GOP so eager to defeat transgender ideology, including “Drag Story Time” and “gender reassignment” surgeries, yet drag their feet on abortion?

Question: Why is the GOP so eager to defeat transgender ideology, including “Drag Story Time” and “gender reassignment” surgeries, yet drag their feet on abortion?

Online and in the news, you see more Republican politicians speaking out against the influx of transgender indoctrination, saying that children need to be saved from it. They are even working to enact laws that would make it a crime to allow children to attend drag shows and receive hormone therapy.

While they are right in doing so, it is a double standard. Some of the same politicians that are quiet about abortion, and don’t do anything to stop it, have rushed into action to stop the transgender tidal wave from drowning our nation’s children.

They correctly state, that the push of transgenderism poisons children’s minds and that hormone “therapy” and gender reassignment surgery mutilates their bodies. Why the outrage on this, though?

Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, our nation’s children have been targeted. From the threat of death, and the mutilation of body and mind, abortion has been wreaking destruction on children and our society. Yet, many Republican politicians (especially RHINOS), state that abortion is bad, to at least some degree, but stand around twiddling their thumbs doing nothing.

Why is this? Well, there are several things that could explain it.

First, the outrage from conservative individuals and groups about this subject has been huge.

First, the outrage from conservative individuals and groups about this subject has been huge. It started with isolated instances of male athletes who wanted to compete in female sports and has grown. Conservatives are now seeing the transgender issue trying to rear its head in traditionally conservative areas and churches.

It has gone from individuals with body dysmorphia to groups who are actively trying to push transgender ideology on the masses. They want it to permeate every aspect of society. “Mama” and “Papa Bear”mode has been activated and people are pushing back. While the mainstream media and liberal politicians and groups are trying to achieve their indoctrination, people are speaking out against it. Parents and individuals are talking about it on social media, at school board meetings, raising the issue at city council meetings and protesting at “Drag Story Time” and drag events that kids attend. Republican politicians feel safe in jumping on the bandwagon and denouncing it.

While, pro-life views have grown over the years, abortion is still a controversial issue.

A lot of Republicans feel less confident in taking firm actions against abortion because of their goal of getting re-elected. In their mind, if they take a strong stance against abortion, it could cost them their re-election. But because of the strong outrage against the transgender agenda, politicians feel comfortable in taking action. They are telling their constituents, “I’m just as mad about it as you. This is an outrage. See, you can count on me.” Plus, the transgender issue is a newer issue compared to abortion; it’s the new thing to fight against.

Also, it’s important to consider the dividing lines in terms of the political spectrum.

More people are becoming pro-life despite political affiliation. While, it’s true that Democrats/liberals are more likely to be pro-abortion than many Republicans/conservatives, more people are becoming pro-life despite political affiliation. The abortion lobby and mainstream media want people to believe that being pro-life is purely a conservative, “extreme” position, but that just isn’t the case.

Currently, however, there seems to be more of a dividing line between the hard left and conservatives on the transgender issue. The majority of the left seems to think that there is nothing wrong with it, while the majority of conservatives seem to be actively against it. The Republican politicians that are cowards, can feel comfortable in knowing that they are standing with their political base and are going with the party platform.

The tipping point must also be considered.

In every society, throughout history, there comes a time where socio-political issues that were once considered wrong or taboo become widely accepted by society; take abortion for instance.

In American history there once was a time when abortion was considered to be morally wrong and taboo. While a small group of people wanted it to be made legal, the majority of the America people were happy that it was illegal. Once the elite made it legal, the tipping point started to shift (see the documentary “Maafa 21” to see the real reason behind the legalization of abortion). The abortion industry went into overdrive to convince the public that the abortion issue was really about “choice” and not the slaughtering of children.

Once the American people heard and started to believe in the “pro-choice” slogans, the line was crossed. It no longer mattered that abortion was wrong, it just became about “the right to choose.”

Because the push for transgender indoctrination is a newer issue in our society, people still consider it to be wrong and so the GOP is willing to act on it. There will be a point though, that if it isn’t stopped, the line will eventually be crossed and it will become widely accepted. Once that happens though, many Republican politicians will become silent, just as we have seen with abortion.

Also, the transgender ideological threat is something that Republican politicians can easily use to raise funds.

It’s a hot-button issue that is very visible to the public eye. Politicians can reach out to outraged conservatives, with a promise of stopping these issues, with the help of voters and their money.

Speaking of money, the abortion lobby is currently backed by a lot more money compared to the transgender threat. Abortion was legalized by the elite, is a tool of the elite and many politicians are in bed with the abortion industry. For 50 years, organizations like the Ford Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and more, have been sinking millions and millions of dollars in support of abortion. All of that money has had years to accumulate.

Also, major institutions such as: academia, the mainstream media, large non-profits and the medical and pharmaceutical industry are staunch supporters of abortion. Lobbying off the back of dead babies can be very lucrative to politicians. Only the future will tell if transgenderism will become as big of a cash cow as abortion is.

What is the solution to forcing the Republican politicians to care about the abortion issue like they seem to about the transgender one?

We must first call them out and put pressure on them! Voters need to speak up and let them know that abortion will not be tolerated. We must give them a litmus test – if they don’t believe that the unborn are living human beings entitled to legal protection – and if every action they take as an elected official is consistent with that viewpoint, then they have to go! Voters also need to make it clear that if a candidate isn’t unmistakably pro-life, they won’t step foot in office. Politicians work for “we the people,” not the other way around – and that includes the unborn.

Plus, we must also step up the pressure in our local communities. Local citizens must identify pro-abortion organizations and abortion clinics. Tell the politicians that the citizens of the community will not tolerant death camps in the community. Don’t just do it once, but keep up the pressure.

Also, parents and locals must monitor schools and school boards to make sure that pro-abortion organizations, like Planned Parenthood aren’t infiltrating the schools. Let the school systems know that any pro-abortion push will not be tolerated. Look at how parents and concerned citizens have been rising up against school boards and ousting teachers over the transgender indoctrination; we must do the same against abortion.

Even though there is a lot going on in the world right now, and people are concerned over the transgender threat, the truth is that no-one will be safe until the child killing stops!

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