Episode 144 | Does Planned Parenthood Have A New Major Competitor?!

Episode 144 | Does Planned Parenthood Have A New Major Competitor?!

In our last episode, we discussed how Planned Parenthood has been trying to squeeze out the independent abortion clinics to become America’s exclusive provider of abortions. But a telehealth company’s major announcement makes it look like Planned Parenthood could now have a major competitor! We discuss this and other shocking abortion related news in this week’s show!

Conditions at Planned Parenthood abortion facility detailed during inspection hearing

Conditions at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility have been published after several ambulance calls prompted a lawmaker to introduce clinic inspection legislation. The Missouri House approved a bill by a vote of 119-35 on Wednesday that requires abortion clinics to be subject to an annual inspection by the state’s health department The bill was introduced…

Bill targets abortion services “unbundled” for Medicaid reimbursement

A bill has been introduced into the U.S. House by a Wisconsin Congressman which would stop abortion providers from “unbundling” abortion services so they can submit separate claims to Medicaid. U.S. Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) said that he introduced the ‘‘Medicaid Abortion Funding Prohibition Accountability Act“ to target Medicaid providers who improperly submit reimbursement claims…