The Stain Of Their Shed Blood
Sheila Crutcher

Written By: Sheila Crutcher
Life Dynamics Staff

I just recently saw on Facebook a post from someone who had visited one of the concentration camps that was used during the Nazi Holocaust.

This particular thought-provoking post left me with a melancholy feeling. Although the buildings have long been decommissioned, the pictures show a grim atmosphere that is still hanging over the settlement. Flipping through the pictures, you can see various brick buildings, the big gate looming over the entrance to the camp, barbed wire fencing around the perimeters, and one of the ovens that was possibly used to burn bodies. Her post read, “This place… I had the impression while walking here that the blood of the innocent is still crying out.”

Although I have never visited a concentration camp,
I know the grim reality of what took place at them.

While studying about the Holocaust in school, I went to the Holocaust Museum in Dallas, Texas. During the visit I saw artifacts that survived the camps, heard a Holocaust survivor speak and saw haunting images that will forever be burned in my head. Even though I didn’t experience the events first-hand, I know about them and the gravity of what happened. Just like the Facebook user said, it is obvious that the blood of the innocent still cries out.

While many people remember the Holocaust and know of its horrors, there are countless who deny that it ever happened or try to forget about it. Despite all of the evidence, including the horrifying pictures of the victims whose agonizing eyes stare back at you, some people try to ignore this harsh reality of world history.

It is said that history is doomed to
repeat itself and it certainly has…

The latest on-going holocaust involves victims whose voices can’t be heard. These innocent victims can’t speak out or defend themselves. The world likes to ignore them, despite the undeniable evidence of what is happening. This time, the victims are little babies who are trying to live and develop in the womb. Just like the Jews, they are told that they are “unwanted”, an “inconvenience”, not worthy of the right-to-life, and are inferior to everyone else. Like for many during the Holocaust, their plight is largely being ignored. Their deaths don’t directly affect many on a day-to-day basis, so they are forgotten about and left to die.

The parallels between the modern-day holocaust and the Nazi Holocaust are eerie. In fact, there are too many to name for the lack of space. The motivations behind the killings are related and the way the world looks at and treats the victims is the same. But one thing that really stood out to me, while looking at the pictures, was the oven. The oven plays an antagonistic role in both of their plights. The bodies of the victims of the abortion holocaust and the victims of the concentration camps have both been disposed of by burning. After being gassed to death, Jewish bodies would be piled up and set on fire or burned in ovens. After being killed by “legal” abortions, the corpses of unborn babies are largely disposed of by either being ground up in industrial garbage disposals or incinerated.

The burning of the bodies, in both cases, is not an act celebrating the life of a Viking king- a warrior’s send off. Rather, it is tossing aside the bodies of people who are considered sub-human and treated like garbage.

The world must face the truth.

Despite some peoples’ attempts to forget these holocausts because they feel uncomfortable, sad or like to think that something that horrible could never take place – the world must face the truth. We can’t turn a blind eye or try to ignore it, in order to achieve blissful ignorance. The blood of the innocent cries out and will always leave a stain on our world.

The abortion holocaust has killed far more people than the Nazis ever dreamed of killing. -Life Dynamics Inc.
Posted November 2, 2020 by @life_dynamics_incorporated

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