Planned Parenthood Releases Bro-choice Calendar

A new bro-choice calendar from Planned Parenthood seeks to profit from men who support abortion.

It is called Beards for Bro-Choice.

Beards for BrochoicePP

In addition to the release of the Beard for Bro-choice calendar, Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes held a special event, “for the premier of the Beards For Bro Choice calendar campaign raising awareness and dollars for PPSFL to ensure access to reproductive and sexual health care for all.”

Beards for Brochoice Planned Parenthood FB event

Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher has pointed out time and again that abortion profits men.

And, our research at Life Dynamics has proven this.

Cases detailed in our reports, Under-the-Radar Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion and our Child Predator Project reveal that men use abortion to avoid child support, avoid responsibility and to cover sexual crimes against children.

PP Beards for Brochoice FB event after

According to Planned Parenthood, Beards for Bro-Choice is, “a community campaign providing an opportunity for men to proudly stand with Planned Parenthood and support sexual and reproductive health care for all.”


In our report, “The Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse” part two, we document what bro-choice support for Planned Parenthood might look like.

The report details the criminal case against a 44-year-old bro-choicer who began having sex with his daughter when she was 13. Life Dynamics discovered that when the victim became pregnant at 16, the abuser forced her to undergo an abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility. The girl later testified that even though her father helped her complete the paperwork at the clinic, signed the consent forms for the procedure and remained nearby during almost every step of the process, she was able to tell the clinic’s staff that he was forcing her to have sex with him. Despite that, it is evident that no report was filed by the clinic since the rapes continued for another year and a half after the abortion.

Another bro-choice pedophile began having sex with his stepdaughter when she was 10-years-old and he also chose Planned Parenthood after he impregnated the girl. The victim refused to submit to the abortion at that time but relented three days later and was taken to a second abortion clinic. It was evident that no report was made by either abortion clinic since the assaults on the child resumed after this abortion.

A 39-year-old child bro-choice rapist took his victim to a Planned Parenthood in California but was referred to a hospital for the abortion where he falsely claimed that he was the girl’s father. It is clear that neither Planned Parenthood nor the hospital filed a report since the man continued to assault the girl for another seven months.

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Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby hypes abortion as a right of passage for women when, in fact, what abortion actually does is liberate men.

The term Bro-Choice has also been co-opted by the pro-abortion group URGE, formerly Choice USA, and founded by radically pro-abortion feminist Gloria Steinem, along with Julie Burton, and Kristina Kiehl.

The group targets youth located on college campuses.

Brochoice URGE

According to URGE, “Pro-choice men can be a powerful force in helping move our policy agenda forward, which is exactly why URGE leads the way in recruiting and elevating their voices within this movement. By building a network of outspoken, actively-engaged men, we are building the power necessary to move policy and win on our issues.”

The group’s Bro-Choice pledge says that, “Living Bro-Choice means being a vocal advocate for reproductive justice…” Reproductive justice is code for abortion on demand.

Crutcher points out that despite what feminist Gloria Steinem thinks, early feminist leaders were vehemently opposed to the legalization of abortion, “Because they said it was something that would profit sexually irresponsible and sexually predatory males.”

Today, if you read Life Dynamics’ reports, documenting the violence pregnant women can suffer when they refuse abortion, you will see that the Bro-Choice movement is alive and well.

I’ve always said, abortion is done to women by men for men,” says Crutcher, “The legalization of abortion had nothing to do with women’s rights. This is why all the early feminists were hard-core pro-lifers opposed to the legalization of abortion. They understood that legalized abortion has nothing to do with women’s equality. Women don’t need surgery to be equal to men.”

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