Florida Man Charged With Killing His Mistress Because She Refused To Abort
A story coming out of Florida proves the effects of “safe and legal” abortion strikes again!

Predictably, it isn’t getting the press and attention that it deserves because it shows abortion in a bad light.

23-Year-Old Tonya Wise refused to abort her child

(St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office)

Jose Escalera was recently arrested after being suspected of killing his mistress because she refused to get an abortion.  According to the NY Post, 23-year-old Tania Wise was eight months pregnant with the married man’s child.  Escalera supposedly “gave her $500 for the abortion, which she instead gave to an ex-boyfriend”.  Wise’s body was discovered with blunt-force injuries, trauma to her genitals, and a used condom lying at the scene.  According to cellular data, Escalera was near the crime scene when he had made a phone call to his wife.

As tragic as this story is, it should be no surprise to anyone.  Women getting injured and killed because they refuse to have an abortion is a common and very well documented problem that has victimized women for years.  In a groundbreaking and eye-opening report that was released by Life Dynamics, it was revealed how widespread of an issue that it really is.  Everyone needs to look at Under-the-Radar: Violence in the Conflict Over Abortion to read about the women who have been written off by the media and the “women’s movement” as collateral damage in the war to keep abortion legal.


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