Police to pro-lifers hosed by abortion clinic escorts, “You have a right to retreat”

A group of pro-life youth were peacefully side walk counseling outside a Florida abortion clinic when they were sprayed with a water hose by clinic escorts.

On March 13, 2015, members from the Survivors Campus Outreach team and youth from Created Equal’s spring Justice Ride pleaded with the mothers entering the Tampa Women’s Health Center abortion clinic to kill their children

The group peacefully prayed, sang, and chalked pro-life messages on the sidewalk.

Abortion workers were angry and retaliated by filling buckets with water out pouring them on the sidewalk messages.

Abortion clinic escorts attack survivors

Prolife chaulk water Tampa Womens Abortion Created Equal Survivors 442325675698737369_n

When a woman who had arrived to the abortion clinic for a pregnancy test was directed next door to the pro-life pregnancy resource center instead, the abortion escorts became even more angry.

According to the pro-lifers who witnessed the event, abortion clinic escorts began splashing the youth with water from the buckets and turned a hose on the group standing on the sidewalk.

Abortion Clinic Escorts spray prolife ppl Survivors

Abortion Clinic Escorts spray prolife ppl Survivors2

Prolife Survivor sprayed by abortion clinic escort

The pro-life group called the police but they reported that they police would not stop the harassment.

A video uploaded by the group shows an officer giving the pro-lifers his excuse for why spraying them with a water hose was not a crime.

You’re not disengaging from that, you’re standing right there,” the officer said, “That shows that you’re not afraid of the spraying water.

Prolifers call police Tampa Womens Abortion clinic

They then challenged the officer pointing out that he needed to enforce laws against assault.

To that the officer replied, “You have the right to retreat.”

As he left he told them, “Don’t call me back.”

Although the female officer told the group that she had no doubt that clinic escorts sprayed them and their equipment she responded with this, “What we’ve got here is two angry groups. They’re angry at you – you’re angry at them…There isn’t a crime. He explained that to you – it’s water,” she said.

The officer was then asked if it would be acceptable if pro-lifers took a hose and sprayed the clinic escorts?

Police officer okay for abortion to spray prolife Survivors

To which the police officer replied, “No.”

The male officer returned and told the protesters that the abortion clinic will continue to spray the fence and “If you stand in the way, I can’t help you,” he said.

The video below shows what the abortion clinic escorts did and the ensuing conversation pro-life protesters had with police.

The good news is that two abortion bound women left the abortion facility and chose to let their children live!

Following the incident, Mary Rose Short, Director of Outreach, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust sent this message, “We were glad to suffer for Christ, but the harassment continued to escalate. Where would it end? The escorts were unashamedly spraying us in the face – what would they do to the next pro-life sidewalk counselors who came to help the expectant mothers? I called the sheriff’s department and asked for an officer to come put stop to the barrage of water, but the two officers who arrived refused to take action. They told me that spraying us was not a crime and that if we didn’t want to get wet, we should leave. Help us end the police complicity toward the pro-abort activists’ criminal behavior! Share this video and demand the protection of free speech!”

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  • It is water, your pro life group is CHOOSING to stand outside of a known clinic and protest. You are making the conscious decision to be there. Get over it and how about don’t feel the need to tell others what they should or should not do with their own bodies. They do not tell you what to do with yours. The decision to have that procedure is difficult enough already, let alone having to hear about it from youth who have NO idea what it is like. Good day.

    Comment by AH on November 14, 2017 at 11:14 am

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