New Video Reminds Us Why We Fight Abortion

New Life Dynamics video aims reignite the flame “that once roared in our bellies.”


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March 26, 2019 – DENTON, TX –  How do we personalize the unborn child? That’s the question Life Dynamics president, Mark Crutcher, has been trying to solve for years. But he believes that a new video they have released called, A Message From The Unborn’, does just that.

Screenshot from the Life Dynamics video, "A Message From The Unborb."
Screenshot from the video “A Message From The Unborn.”
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The video is just 60 seconds long (so that it can be shared on every social media platform) and it depicts for viewers an unborn child’s final moments. It’s during these moments that the child delivers just one message, “keep fighting for the others.”

Inspired by the heartbreaking videos from groups combating animal abuse featuring often starved or injured animals in cages, the video aims to create that same feeling for the unborn child.

Individuals in the pro-life movement often see and deal with the political, cultural, or theological implications of abortion. But at the end of the day, the battle over abortion is not a war between the abortion lobby and the pro-life movement – it is a war between the abortion lobby and the unborn.

It’s easy to intellectually accept that the unborn are fully human, but harder to identify with them on an emotional level. That detachment could be leaving the movement vulnerable.  Crutcher admits that he has seen firsthand how even people in the pro-life movement can get so caught up in the day-to-day struggle that they lose sight of what the struggle is really about. He adds that, “this has caused the fire that once roared in our bellies, to be reduced to a flicker.”

The truth is, how each and every person perceives the nature of the conflict, will affect how this battle is fought. This means that this detachment can permeate every step the pro-life movement takes. This is why Life Dynamics created the video.

“We cannot expect to achieve our ultimate goal until those two issues are corrected, and starting that process is what this video is about.  My prayer is that it will take us back to our roots and remind us of why we fight,” says Crutcher.

This video was designed to be shared and Mark encourages each and every viewer to do just that. Despite all the existing challenges, the Internet has given us the opportunity to free ourselves from the pro-abortion media. It’s up to individuals in the movement to take this opportunity to spread the message far and wide.

Life Dynamics is a pro-life organization known for its undercover stings and groundbreaking research into the abortion issue and the industry that capitalizes on it. These investigations, which can be found at, has caused waves not just within the pro-life movement, but in politics and policy, as well as made its way into the mainstream media and public opinion. Now they hope to touch hearts.


If you would like more information about this video or would like to request an interview, please contact Renee Hobbs at (940)380-8800 or [email protected]

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  • What an awesome message! It gave me chills. I have shared this on my “The Kaitee Project” Page, my Personal Page and twitter.

    Comment by Lori Johnson on April 21, 2019 at 5:35 am

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