Miraculous angelic encounter at abortion clinic saves Black woman’s life

A new film documents the miraculous angelic encounter that caused a mother to leave an abortion clinic and save the daughter she carried inside her womb.

A new film documents the miraculous angelic encounter that caused a mother to leave an abortion clinic and save the daughter she carried inside her womb.

They were broken, their hearts moved on behalf of little ones targeted for death from abortion, that is the sense behind the documentary film called Hear from Heaven.

Hear from Heaven prolife film Selma Blacks Christina Bennett

Eyes of the Heart producers traveled with Christina Marie Bennett to Selma, Alabama. Her mission was to join The Selma Project and cross the famous Edmund Pettus Bridge on behalf of the unborn along with other Black leaders like Catherine Davis.

Davis, president and founder of The Restoration Project, launched The Selma Project to shine a light on the abortion atrocities that are is occurring nationwide.

Christina and Catherine say their hearts break for the unborn children dying from abortion and also for the Black community because abortion targets them.

Abortion is the number one killer of the African American Community, and as Life Dynamics pointed out in their documentary, Maafa21, it was founded in racist eugenics.

We are dying we’re killing our own people. We came out of slavery, we fought for the civil rights movement but now the greatest civil right, the right to life – we’re not fighting for it,” Christina says in the film.

Life Dynamics spoke to Davis about the project in June and she was also a guest on our pro-life TV show, Life Talk. (watch her interview here)

Just like Selma and Bloody Sunday are a picture of all that was wrong with Jim Crow in America; our event hopes to shed light on all that is wrong with abortion in America,” Davis told Life Dynamics prior to the march.

Christina says the film details her life, a miracle of God, because before Christina was born her mother had scheduled an abortion.

Christina Bennett prays for unborn against abortion

She told me a secret she’d kept carefully hidden all my life,” Christina writes of her mom.

“With great trepidation, she revealed I had an appointment to die. Before I was born she had gone to Mt. Sinai Hospital to abort me.

“But God stepped in to rescue.”

Hear from Heaven, “reveals my story – from rescue before birth, to becoming a pro-life activist – as a call to action on the issue of life,” she adds.

I knew that I had been rescued, really in the 11th hour, that God had intervened in my life to save me,” Christina says in the film.

Christina said that the filmmakers traveled with Selma Project organizers to Selma to create an exposé of how women, “particularly those in low-income minority communities, have been manipulated and harmed by the abortion industry.”

More importantly, Hear from Heaven is a prayer from the heart of our nation – asking God to release justice for these women and for the unborn,” she says.

Producers Matt and Cara Hunter told Life Dynamics that they began Eyes Of The Heart Films as a ministry, “with the mission of making films that open eyes to the beauty of Jesus and display His heart.

We had been praying about doing a film about the sanctity of human life,” Cara said.

Hear from Heaven features, “the powerful testimony of our friend Christina, whose Mother had an appointment to abort her and walked out on her abortion right before the procedure after what she calls a miraculous angelic encounter,” she said.

Cara said that she and her husband had a spiritual encounter as they attended the Selma Project march and prayer rallies that followed:

“As we took part in the prayers lifting up that weekend, we knew in our hearts that something spiritually historic had taken place and that God was going to hear the cries of His intercessors. We knew when we got home that the title of the film was to be “Hear From Heaven”. We live in deeply troubling times where we are beginning to see the spiritual consequences of the bloodshed in our nation. We believe that one of God’s desires through this film, is to awaken the church to pray and cry out to God for ending of abortion and for Him to Hear from Heaven and heal our land.”

When it is complete, Hear from Heaven will be released on Vimeo this fall under the Eyes Of The Heart Films page here .

You can view the film’s trailer below:

Hear From Heaven TRAILER from Eyes of the Heart Films on Vimeo.

Hear From Heaven features the powerful testimony of Christina Marie Bennett. Her miraculous life story declares the prophetic heart of God toward the unborn. In this film we travel with Christina to Selma, Alabama and record The Selma project, a prayer siege asking God to release justice for black women manipulated and harmed by the abortion industry.
Full film soon to be released.

Read more about Christina and this film at the Bound for Life Blog here.


  1. elaine riddick says:

    I can’t wait to see this film. I finally got to meet Christina and heard that beautiful voice of hers that raised the hair on my neck and caused my heart to tremble. Yes, Christina is a special gift from God. God have bestowed you with grace and a lot of love.

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