Mental Health Community Silent About Abortion

Abortion advocates paint abortion as an “empowering” choice, but those who work with post abortive women know the truth is vastly different.

Abortion advocates paint abortion as an “empowering” choice, but those who work with post abortive women know the truth is vastly different.

Abortion advocates and Planned Parenthood like to paint a picture that women are making an “empowering” choice that leaves them with no regret, but the truth is that women do regret their abortions. There is nothing empowering about killing an innocent, defenseless baby. Abortion not only kills a child but also harms women.

It is obvious to the pro-life community that an abortion lasts forever, not only for the babies that are killed, but also for the women as well. Women who have had abortions and regret their decision are not only sad by it but are haunted by it as well, both physically and mentally.

Life Dynamics Action Card #43

The following quote is from a reddit user who had an abortion and was sharing her regret with others.

It tore me apart and I still think about it… I know that not everyone agrees that it’s murder but after giving life to the son that I have now and then a couple of months later having to stop the life inside me from growing, I felt like a monster… I’m so sorry that I took the life you never had a chance to live. I’m so sorry.”

-Posted on reddit

Even though it is obvious that women who have had abortions suffer mentally and emotionally from it, the mental health community does not recognize it at all. The “Bible” for the mental health community, the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) does not mention abortion as a trigger for mental issues or PTSD, therefore for most mental heath professionals the problem doesn’t exist.

Because of this, women are not getting the help that they need.

Clinic worker quote from Catherine Adair (Former Planned Parenthood worker): "I worked in a place where I was waking up every night having nightmares and screaming with images of pieces of babies floating in the air. My depression and anxiety was horrific, and all because that 'abortion is good for women' is a lie. Women are suffering all over this country because we who worked in the abortion clinics and who work in the abortion clinics now are lying to them..."

Life Talk, a pro-life talk show, recently had a guest who shared her experience of regretting two abortions she had. The guest, Patti Smith, also revealed how she suffered mentally and didn’t receive any help from the mental health community because they don’t recognize abortion as a triggering factor of PTSD.

Patti was eventually able to heal and is now the Assistant Director for Rachel’s Hope Healing Ministry and the San Diego Regional Coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, helping post-abortive women and bringing to light the issues that abortion causes. However, Patti still encounters resistance from those in the medical community to truly help post abortive women.

If the mental health community would admit how much of a problem abortion really is, then maybe thousands of women would get the help they need, and perhaps countless abortions would actually be prevented.

To watch her powerful testimony, watch the episode here:


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