Lies, Deceit, and the Great Divide

There is no doubt that a cultural civil war is brewing in America and at the heart of it is abortion.

The events that have transpired in the last few weeks are not only evidence of this war, but also of the lengths the other side is willing to go.


On the October 2nd episode of “Life Talk,” the hosts discussed Ford’s allegations against the Supreme Court nominee, the hearings, and its fallout. While people from both sides appear to be divided over the allegations, it’s undeniable that the left is waging a war with the assistance of the mainstream media.


New Washington TImes Political Cartoon Depicting Diane Feinstein Hilights the Brewing Cultural Civil War

Is it a ticking time bomb ready to explode? The hosts of Life Talk argue that this cultural civil war is leading to a big divide in this country that, as things get more heated, has the potential to get violent. The real question is whether the Republican Party will start to fight back.

Regardless, we must keep standing firm and to continue to fight not only for the pre-born but also for the sake of America as a whole. In the “RoeBots” segment featured in this week’s show, Mark Crutcher addresses why those who claim to be Christians should be fighting abortion. Reminding each of us that when innocent and helpless babies are being butchered by the millions, it is outrageous to suggest that God is not calling each of us to stand up against it.

If we can’t stand up for the most defenseless then who can we stand up for? America has an important choice to make before it’s too late.


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