Enough is Enough: Ending Legalized Abortion For Good

Enough is enough. Thousands of babies are still being killed by abortion on a daily basis. The abortion lobby is pushing back harder than ever.

So how are we going to actually put an end to legalized abortion in the United States?

Before we show you how, we need to first clear up a couple of common misconceptions that many people have, including pro-life leaders. For instance, we often hear people and groups say:

We need to get the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade, then the abortion issue will be over


The abortion issue needs to be sent back to the states, then we can battle it on a state-by-state basis, all the while changing hearts and minds on abortion

Don’t listen to such nonsense. Why? If and when Roe v Wade is sent back to the Supreme Court, it is vital to the pro-life movement on how the Justices handle it. There is a common misconception where people believe, that “since Roe launched legal abortion, ending Roe will stop it.” Just as Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics discussed on the “Pro-Life America Podcast”, that isn’t how it works. As Crutcher pointed out, there could be two different outcomes that would come out of the Supreme Court.

  • The first would be a “Personhood” ruling, declaring the unborn child a living human being, which would end abortion because they would have Constitutional protection under the law. 
  • The second way, which many legal scholars believe will happen, the Supreme Court will say that abortion isn’t in the Constitution (which it isn’t) and it’s a state’s rights issue. If this is the case, abortion will be sent back to the states and each individual state will have to decide on the legality of abortion.
Did you know? Roe has often been characterized by judicial scholars as an exercise in raw judicial power, with one former Supreme Court justice predicting that Roe, "...is clearly on a collision course with itself..." -Life Dynamics
Posted May 5, 2020 by @life_dynamics_incorporated

Abortion + States’s Rights = Disaster

If abortion became a state’s rights issue, that would be a disaster for unborn babies everywhere. The United States would become a patchwork quilt for legalized abortion and no baby would be safe from the clutches of the abortion industry. Some states, like California and New York, would never make abortion illegal; while states like Texas and Oklahoma would possibly either make it illegal or put restrictions in place. The mothers would simply have to cross state lines to obtain abortions and the abortion lobby would be more than happy to assist them in doing so.

A good example of this actually comes from the coronavirus pandemic. During the pandemic, some states like Texas, declared abortion as “non-essential medicine”. Because of this, many abortion clinics had to shut down and women simply went to neighboring states to obtain abortions. This same scenario would happen if the Supreme Court simply overturned Roe v Wade and abortion became a state’s rights issue. No baby would be safe and it would be impossible to end abortion in the United States for good.

You can hear the full argument against abortion as a states rights issue in episode two of our podcast, posted above. The Pro-Life America podcast can also be found on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, and more!

Now that those common misconceptions have been cleared up, the question is: How are we going to actually stop abortion for good?

There have been a lot of strategies and ways that individuals and various groups have fought abortion and tried to save lives. And though the pro-life movement has made great progress and great efforts have been taken, abortion is still legal and about 3,000 babies are still being killed on a daily basis.

Putting an End to Abortion

It is time that we stop dancing around this issue and end abortion once and for all. So, we propose a bold strategy called The Constitutional Showdown.

As Crutcher pointed out on Episode 4 of the “Pro-Life America Podcast”, we need a state’s attorney general or governor who will stand up for the unborn; one that will say that it is an undeniable fact that the unborn are living human beings, so the state’s homicide laws apply to them. Then, they would require that every person in the state who has the authority to apply criminal charges, to do so against those who kill an unborn child.

No new laws or statues would have to be made, it would just be applying already established ones to the unborn child, treating the unborn the same as born children (because they are).

No doubt the abortion lobby, along with the ACLU, and various politicians would want to come out and challenge the matter. They wouldn’t want abortionists to be arrested and tried, so they would take the issue to the federal court.

It is important to remember though, that homicide statues aren’t a federal matter but a state’s issue; therefore, the federal court would really have no authority over the matter. The state would refuse to bow down to the federal court, the two would clash, and the Supreme Court would have to take the case. There would be no way that they could ignore it. The Supreme Court could then either rule that the governor or the attorney general was correct/justified in applying homicide laws and arresting the person who killed the unborn child or that the state wasn’t. This would essentially force the Supreme Court to take up the personhood issue, saying that unborn children are living human beings with the same rights as everyone else, or they aren’t.

The Supreme Court has been ignoring and dancing around this issue ever since Roe v Wade was decided. If they didn’t side with the state and the attorney general or governor, they would have a problem on their hands because it would then become an issue of federal versus state’s rights, hence a “Constitutional Showdown”. But what would they realistically do, start a new civil war and send in federal troops?

Now is the time for action!
Oppose the war! No more support for U.S. Government sactioned genocide against the unborn. Stop Abortion Now
One of our “Pro-Life Action Cards”

The abortion lobby is a daring and uncompromising foe, one that will do anything to keep abortion legal. We must respond with a bold plan, one that can be implemented swiftly. It is time for us to force our politicians’ hands, to make them prove to us that they truly value the unborn. We must force the Supreme Court to decide this once and for all, so that all lives are truly protected by the Constitution.

You can get more details by listening to our “Pro-Life America Podcast” here.

The full text for the “Constitutional Showdown” can be found here .

We ask that you please share this plan with others and reach out to your politicians.

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  • Guess all of my years have been pro-life— my mother gave me life, I brought forth 3 daughters, and they have given us 9 grandchildren, and not once have I thought that life was not precious from conception to a natural death. Population control? Who is controlling the outrageous advocates for killing our unborn, partially born and even after born? Almost 30 years ago, I had my personal boycott against made in China products, because of their one child policy and actual lay killing female babies and forcing killing of unborn— I did not hear the outrage against China that I am hearing these days. I was told that one person’s boycott would not have much effect on the masses—well, it was a principled conviction for this one daughter, wife, mother and grandmother.

    Comment by Sharon Rideout on May 16, 2020 at 11:06 am
  • A Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution would protect all human life in every state just as Amendment 13 did away with slavery in every state. An amendment is the only sure way to protect all human life forever.

    Comment by Bev Cielnicky on May 16, 2020 at 10:18 am
  • A Constitutional

    Comment by Bev Cielnicky on May 16, 2020 at 10:15 am

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