If the public is overwhelmingly pro-choice, why is the pro-choice mob outraged at the idea of allowing the public to decide the country’s abortion policies?

Written By: Mark Crutcher
President of Life Dynamics

Since January 1973, the abortion battle has been one in which abortion policy was dictated by the Supreme Court & public opinion didn’t count for much.

But when Roe collapsed, the Supreme Court basically took itself out of the picture and made public opinion the only thing that matters.

What this means is, with Roe out of the way this is now a grass-roots battle – and the pro-choice mob is clearly terrified that they cannot compete with us in that environment. For proof of that, just look how they reacted when the overturn of Roe was leaked. To put it mildly, these people came off the rails. In fact, most of them appeared to have experienced some sort of brain aneurysm.

The question is: Why all this drama?

The Supreme Court didn’t outlaw abortion, they just returned the issue to the state legislatures where it had been prior to Roe. To put it another way, they sent it back to the arena where the majority rules.

The abortion lobby’s response was to start squealing that this is an outrage because 70 percent of the American people are pro-choice and support legalized abortion. Some of them claimed that this is true even in conservative states. Of course, their media stooges regurgitated these claims without any of that pesky “fact checking” business they find so all-important when it comes to Republicans, conservatives, and pro-lifers.

But think about it, if these people actually believe that the public is overwhelmingly pro-choice, why would they be running around with their hair on fire at the prospect of allowing the public to decide the country’s policies on abortion?

The answer, of course, is that they are lying.

They have always known that the “pro-choice majority” they keep chirping about doesn’t exist. Remember, their definition of “choice” is that abortion should be legal through all nine months of pregnancy, for any reason whatsoever, for no reason whatsoever, paid for with tax dollars, and available to minor girls without their parents’ knowledge.

The pro-choice position is that abortion should be legal on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. There has never been even one poll which showed majority support for that position.

They also know – as do their media lackies – that there has never been one poll taken in even the most radically pro-abortion state, that showed anything close to majority support for that position. That’s why the pro-choice mob has spent the last 50 years fighting to keep the abortion issue in the courts and out of the legislative process.

But on June 24th, they lost that fight. Deciding the nation’s policies on abortion will no longer be an elitist privilege reserved for the abortion lobby’s high-priced lawyers and hand-picked judges; it will be decided by the American people through the politicians they put in office.

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