The Ghouling of abortion: using aborted babies for fuel

Today, Life Dynamics, Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas is responding to news that aborted children were incinerated in a waste-to-fuel plant in Oregon. An Oregon county commission has ordered a Marion County waste-to-fuel incinerator to stop accepting boxed medical waste to generate electricity after learning the waste it’s been burning may…

Today, Life Dynamics, Inc., a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas is responding to news that aborted children were incinerated in a waste-to-fuel plant in Oregon.


An Oregon county commission has ordered a Marion County waste-to-fuel incinerator to stop accepting boxed medical waste to generate electricity after learning the waste it’s been burning may include tissue from aborted fetuses from British Columbia.

Covanta Marion, Inc., is a waste-to-energy facility which processes approximately 550 tons of garbage each day, including “bio hazard waste”, which they convert to fuel to generate approximately 13.1 megawatts of electricity each hour.

As Life Dynamics discuss in the May edition of Life Talk, hospitals in Britain have reportedly incinerated the remains of more than 15,000 babies alongside rubbish as “clinical waste” with some used in “waste to energy” plants. You can read more on that here.

Aborted Babies Incinerated2

Marion County commissioners Sam Brentano and Janet Carlson told the AP that they were horrified to learn that the facility might be burning medical waste that includes fetal tissue to generate electricity. Both strongly oppose abortions.

Brentano said that the county ordinance that sets the parameters for what can be accepted at the waste-to-energy plant allows for all human tissue.

No rule or law has been broken, but there’s an ethical standard that’s been broken,” he said.

Jill Stueck, a Covanta spokeswoman, said the company is cooperating with the suspension, and it does not seek out the waste that mortified commissioners.
“No one is saying bring us fetal tissue,” Stueck said.


A former employee of the facility said that he believes certified contractors have been carrying fetuses from British Columbia to Oregon, where state statutes allow fetuses to be disposed.

A TV station in Oregon, KOIN, interviewed the Covanta former temp worker, who said he saw 53-foot tractor trailers carrying bio hazards dropping off loads at the facility in Brooks at least two to three times a week.

Bud Waterman said that he observed the contents of the truck spill out of their containers.

It would make you sick, especially if you had to clean it up or have to pull a box off the trailer,” said Waterman,”If you had to pull a box off the trailer, there’s so much blood.”

Waterman told the news station he believed that fetuses had been incinerated at the plant for years and used for energy.

Suport Life Dynamics prolife abortion

“They knew it, they had to,” he said.


Jeff Bickford, environmental services division manager in Marion County, said the facility there has been taking material from British Columbia for five to seven years. He said clinical waste providers such as Stericycle bring in medical waste ranging from syringes and body parts to laboratory cultures and bodily fluids after hospitals and clinics place it into red bags and sealed containers.

Pro-lifers have been exposing Stericycle for picking up abortion clinic waste for years.

The group, Repent America has even launched a campaign to stop Stericycle after recording Stericycle admitting that they pick up aborted babies from abortion clinics.

Mark Crutcher Life Talk April 2014

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc. responsible for an undercover investigation which exposed the marketing of aborted baby body parts has responded to the Oregon incinerator story by saying, “What do you expect, these people are ghouls.”

Crutcher says that in some ways we are naive about just how evil this industry is and points out that if abortionists will kill the baby they will do just about anything to make it profitable.

What we are finding out is that they are not only murderers but they are grave robbers,” he said, “It’s not enough that they kill the babies, they then have to go back and pick the bones.”


In April of 1997, Life Dynamics began their undercover investigation into the marketing of body parts harvested from babies killed by elective abortions. This investigation lasted approximately 31 months.

An extensive report of that investigation has been uploaded on the Life Dynamics website (here).


Most of the information in the report was provided by employees who worked at Comprehensive Health for Women (Comp Health) – a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic located in Overland Park, Kansas.

The wholesalers for the 2007 baby parts investigation were Anatomic Gift Foundation (AGF) and the International Institute for the Advancement of Medicine (IIAM). IIAM was at one time heavily involved in the baby parts business but has since withdrawn. It was founded by Jim Bardsley who eventually left to start AGF.

Life Dynamics has uploaded copies of the orders and additional documents on their website and points out some sickening observations:

First there is a requirement that parts be retrieved within a few minutes of fetal death, which dramatically increases the likelihood of a live birth. This is also an indicator that the purchaser is suggesting that the abortionist alter his procedure in order to meet certain specifications.


Life Dynamics explains that when “no dig” or “no digoxin” is written on the order, the purchaser is telling the abortionist that the baby can’t be killed by injecting digoxin into its heart. Again, this increases the chances of a live birth and is another indicator that the purchaser is trying to control what procedure the abortionist will use.


Although a number of the orders were on aborted unborn babies with fetal anomalies some of the documents showed that abortions – including the very late term ones – are being done on healthy babies.

What the orders do show is that the unborn child in the very early stages of pregnancy has identifiable human body parts.

According to Crutcher, “They have been able for years to tell the lie that the unborn child is this big glob of tissue but the day that they started putting out price lists that said they would buy the ears off of babies less than eight weeks old, what they were saying is that babies less than eight weeks old have ears.”

Baby Parts for Sale

In an archived episode of Life Talk from 2000, the panel points out that late term abortionist Leroy Carhart was involved in this ghoulish activity. After Life Dynamics conducted their investigation they uncovered that Carhart was providing the University of Nebraska with aborted “tissue.”

Carhart told the media that he “donated” the “tissue” to the University, despite the fact that price lists and tissue logs Life Dynamics uncovered in their investigation reveal that selling these aborted babies can be very lucrative.

Crutcher says that tissue logs show that one baby is often chopped up and sold to many buyers, “For example, babies taken from donors 113968 and 114189 were both killed late in their second-trimester and cut into nine pieces. By applying AGF’s price list, we see that each baby was sold for between $810 and $1,170 depending on whether their parts were shipped fresh or frozen.

Life Dynamics points out that the ghouling of abortion thrives behind closed doors. Just as in the Oregon incinerator case, shortly after Life Dynamics began releasing information on the marketing of baby parts, AGF announced it would no longer be providing baby parts. Apparently, this was in response to public exposure in the media and protests by pro-life activists at their Maryland headquarters.

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Crutcher says that this ghoulish activity continues to this day as Congress has yet to outlaw the harvesting of aborted baby body parts, “Today, we are routinely asked whether aborted baby parts are still being bought and sold. When we respond that they are, we are inevitably asked why the federal laws that prohibit it are not being enforced. The short answer is that there is no political will to enforce these laws.”

As for the ghoulish aspects of the use of these children to heat our homes, Crutcher says that pro-lifers know that before the vultures circle over the dead bodies of these children, the abortion industry is free to murder them, “One thing we pro-lifers need to realize is that we’ve always known they’re killing the baby. Over the years I have asked pro-lifers, ‘ why are you so upset over this when you knew abortions were going on? Really if they are killing the baby what difference does it make if it is inside the womb or outside or if they chop them up and sell them once they are dead or use their dead bodies for electricity? ‘


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