Former Planned Parenthood patient says vids are opening up memories she never imagined

A Houston Planned Parenthood patient who had an abortion years ago said the latest baby parts videos are opening up memories she never imagined.

A Houston, Texas Planned Parenthood patient, who had an abortion years ago said the latest baby parts videos are opening up memories she never imagined.

Karen Perez told Houston’s ABC affiliate that she had an abortion just after getting married.

“It was just a blob of tissue. And I believed that, I believed that it was just a blob of tissue,” Perez said, “until five years later when we had a child — we had three more children — and I saw the ultrasound, and I saw the little hands and the little feet.”

Perez said that she watched the recent video released from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) which took place inside a Houston Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

The videos showed the undercover “buyers” negotiating with the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic for the purchase of baby organs.

Director of Research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Melissa Farrell, admitted to the “buyers” that six of the Houston abortion facility’s doctors abort babies beyond 16 weeks.

She referred to the babies as “intact fetal cadavers.”

Houston Planned Parenthood intact fetus abortion

Perez said she watched the entire video including the part where CMP investigators were taken back to Planned Parenthood’s dissection pathology lab capturing on camera workers removing babies from abortion clinic freezers.

The video also showed footage of Planned Parenthood clinical assistants picking through the remains of the unborn children they aborted and identifying their body parts.

Perez said that the videos are opening up a lot of memories for a lot of women.

For me,” Perez told the reporter, “it’s memories that I never imagined I’d see.”

Perez said that despite the tears she has cried, she is happy that the public is finally able to see that these are babies.

I’m so happy that we’re finally able to see what we knew all along that these are our babies. These are babies!” the post-abortive woman said.

Perez now works with women to help them after they have had abortions.

Since the videos were released, the state’s Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General have called for an investigation into Planned Parenthood.

This week, Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announced that her office will start a criminal investigation into Planned Parenthood following a request from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

Also this week, another ambulance was called to Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast’s mega abortion facility to transport a patient to the hospital. Her condition is not known at this time.

CMP’s lead investigator, David Daleiden, said the group has plans to release several more videos.

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  1. Danny Hargis says:

    Premeditated Murder (abortion) needs to stop.

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