New Video Reveals What It’s Like To Expose The Abortion Industry’s Dirty Secrets.

“What is it like to work at Life Dynamics?” This is a question that most of us at Life Dynamics get asked pretty often. The short answer: it’s unlike any other environment out there. That is why we have released a Q&A video answering viewers questions about what it was like to work on our new report, “America’s Carefully Hidden Sex Scandal.”

“What is it like to work at Life Dynamics?”

This is a question that most of us at Life Dynamics get asked pretty often. The short answer: it’s unlike any other environment out there.

The long answer is more complicated. Life Dynamics has always been the group in the pro-life movement that uncovers and reveals the abortion lobby’s dirty “little” secrets. This puts us in a unique place – not only in the movement itself – but in the abortion battle as a whole. We come to work each day to wade through the abortion industry’s muck knowing that everything we uncover takes us another step forward to ending the genocide. As Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests For Life always says, “America will never reject abortion until it sees abortion.”

That is precisely why each one of us at Life Dynamics has answered the phone more than once and found an angry, and sometimes threatening, abortion supporter on the other end. They know we are closer to ending legalized abortion every day. That’s why states are rushing to embed unhindered abortion access into the their laws.

Of course, most of us usually choose the short answer above when asked what it’s like to work here. The people who generally ask that question do so out of “passing casual curiosity.”

Hear No Evil

They don’t want to hear about the heartbreaking phone call from a woman who just found out that her significant other had taken her daughter for an abortion to cover up that he had been raping her.

No one wants to hear about the unforgettable screams that you heard from a scared couple when they discovered that the after abortion bleeding the woman was experiencing had turned into the passing of identifiable retained fetal parts.

No parent wants to know what it’s like to look into the eyes of Debra Cardamone, a mother who still grieves every day over the loss of her only daughter from a “safe and legal” abortion.

As the comments from our video ‘Babies Born Alive Daily’ show, most can’t, and don’t, want to imagine what it’s like to sit across from three clinic workers talking about the snipping of a baby’s spinal cord as if they are talking about the weather.

But if you are still here reading this article, then your interest is perhaps not a moment of curiosity – but the result of one important fact.

The work we do at Life Dynamics provides a unique look at the abortion issue.

We have a rare perspective of this battle because of our projects like exposing the sale of baby parts, the abortion industry’s protection of pedophiles, the women killed for refusing to have abortions, and the thousands of women who have been sexually assaulted or raped in abortion clinics.

Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher, and Renee Hobbs working on our latest project.

So, it is for those of you who belong to this second group that we have released a Q&A video with Mark Crutcher (president of Life Dynamics) and Renee Hobbs (vice-president), answering viewers questions about what it was like to work on our new report, “America’s Carefully Hidden Sex Scandal.”

This interview provides an unseen look at the tricky balancing act between telling a highly offensive truth in a non-offensive manner. Like many of our projects, we knew that our efforts would be wasted if they did not accurately show the public the truth. We needed to show what women go through when they are raped or sexually assaulted in an abortion clinic, but find a way to do it that the public could stomach.

We had to do this because we know that the media is fully aware of this and deliberately keeps quiet about it – writing off the victims as just collateral damage in their political war to keep abortion legal.

We will not quit.

As nasty as it is to deal with this day in and day out, at times discouraged and exhausted, worrying if we will have the funding to keep up the fight – in the end we won’t quit. We will bear this burden and overcome whatever obstacles we must overcome. We will keep going as long as it takes and fight with all the resources available to us.

We will continue on because we know it’s the right thing to do and that whatever price we pay is nothing compared to the price being paid by the unborn and their mothers. We know that, despite the efforts of the other side, we will return legal protection to the unborn.

One day, America will look back at legal abortion and see it as it does slavery. This nation will look at the millions of lives taken, and it’s own hands stained with the blood of the unborn and wonder, “what have we done?”


  1. Joanne Iovine says:

    I repent!! I have felt there was not much we could do about the murdering, but I have hope now.

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