Life Dynamics Attacked Over the Issue of Forced Abortions

RH Reality Check is condemning Life Dynamics for producing a document that helps provide a choice to women who are being forced into abortions.


Life Dynamics has recognized that forced abortions is a major problem that has plagued the country for years.

In fact, in 2012, the pro-life organization released the Under the Radar report, which documents  the alarming number of American women who are murdered for refusing to have abortions. 

The Life Dynamics Force Form is designed to help girls and women who say they are being forced to have abortions. (Forced Abortions)
The Life Dynamics Force Form

To help provide a resource to these women who are being forced to have abortions against their will, Life Dynamics created the Force Form. Now, RH Reality Check has released an article condemning Life Dynamics for producing a document that helps provide these women a choice.

RH Reality (now called ReWire) claims that the Force Form is a “bogus notice” that has been “used for years to deceive and intimidate both patients and providers.” However, in a new video released by Life Dynamics, president Mark Crutcher asks viewers to take a second look at what they said.

He adds, Remember, every single woman who signs this form is saying that she is being forced to have an abortion against her will. Every one of them. And yet, the “pro-choice” crowd has no interest in that, they are only concerned that Life Dynamics is providing these women with practical steps they can take against the threats and intimidation being inflicted on them.”

Mark Crutcher in the Life Dynamics video Reality Check Indeed discusses the issue of Forced Abortions in America
Mark Crutcher gives the real story about forced abortions in America in the video, The Real Story: Abortion Industry Sides with Perpetrators of Forced Abortions

The article even contends that this document has disrupted clinics across the country. A representative with the National Abortion Federation told the reporter that clinics in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Maryland have recently received the Force Form.

Of course, the abortion industry has known for years that forced abortions are a problem – there have even been discussions about it at National Abortion Federation conferences.

The discussions at these meetings reveal that the same people who advocate for “choice” to the media, politicians, and the country – has a stance of “convenient indifference” when it comes to women being forced to get abortions. They acknowledge it’s existence and talk about it in disapproving tones, while making it clear that they feel no obligation to let it influence the way they deal with these women.

During Life Dynamics’ research for the Under the Radar report, it was discovered that the media’s pro-choice bias has affected their coverage of this area of abortion-related violence. Documents obtained for the report (such as police reports, indictments, court records, etc.) almost universally revealed that the perpetrator’s first response in these situations was to demand that the woman have an abortion. The violence inevitably occurred when she refused those demands. But the news reports often contained no mention of abortion and were simply portrayed as domestic violence.

This new article from RH Reality was no different.

Mark says “this RH Reality Check article is basically an admission that they, and their fellow travelers in the pro-choice community, are lying through their teeth when they claim to care about the welfare of women. The only people they are concerned about are those who sell abortions, even to women who are openly stating that they don’t want them.”

They have made it clear that they are willing to write-off these women as just collateral damage in the war to keep abortion legal. Life Dynamics’ new video can be watched below.

Watch Now:

Those wanting media interviews should contact Sheila Crutcher at (940) 380-8800.

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