Democrats Reveal Just How Extreme Their Position On Abortion Really Is…

The two bills that forced the left to reveal their true position on abortion.

If you were on social media last week, you probably heard that the Democrats, once again, have blocked the Senate from voting on bills that would (a) provide care to babies who survive abortions, and (b) prohibit most abortions starting at 20 weeks – the point at which science indicates the unborn are capable of feeling pain.

Horrified Americans have responded on Twitter – with some even calling out the senators who opposed the bills.

The outrage online from conservatives is understandable. The idea that we should debate whether or not a baby should be given medical attention instead of left to die is abhorrent. Not to mention that the left has always tried to pitch abortion as an act of “compassion.” So doesn’t it follow that the compassionate thing is to not allow babies to be painfully ripped limb from limb? Isn’t it compassionate to provide health care to a baby that has survived an abortion as opposed to leaving it in a corner and just waiting for it to die?

But as understandable as this outrage is, we must never forget that there is no distinction between being butchered inside the womb or outside.  Whether they are put in closets to die or ripped apart in the womb, all abortions happen on living babies and we must be careful not to ever say or do anything which suggests otherwise.

Likewise, when we focus on the horrible and indefensible nature of late term abortion, we are suggesting that there is a distinction between one human being and another human being based on how old it is, how developed it is or how large it is.  That is not far from the pro-abortion position.  

The Pro-Choice Position

No matter what they say, at its core the pro-choice position is that some people are entitled to more rights than others. In their minds, the rights and wishes of women supersede their child’s right to even exist.

Remember, the abortion industry’s own data proves that virtually every abortion performed in America is done for non-medical reasons on a healthy baby and a healthy woman who just doesn’t want to be pregnant. This clearly proves that the abortion issue is a conflict between the baby’s right to life and the mother’s desire not to be pregnant.

The pro-life position is that the baby and the mother’s rights are equal and, while everyone has the right to live their life as they wish, they cannot kill other people in order to do so.

While everyone has the right to life their life as they wish, they cannot kill other people in order to do so. -Life Dynamics
Source: Instagram @life_dynamics_incorporated

Of course, the irony in all this is that abortion supporters online are always quick to defend that the unborn are not human, and deserving of legal protection, until they are outside the womb. But in all of their mental gymnastics, that apparently doesn’t include children who survive their abortions. Why? Because, as Gosnell’s defense team argued, these babies were taken to this abortion clinic to be killed and they were killed… so what’s the problem?

These bills are reminders that – just like prostitution – legalizing it and installing restrictions will not clean it up nor change the nature of what it is. That is why we have seen abortion clinic horror stories in the past and why we will see more of them in the future. Abortion is a frog that will remain a frog no matter how many times America tries to kiss it.

To learn the uncensored truth about what’s going on inside American abortion clinics (including babies born alive and left to die), read Lime 5.

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